Hillcrest Stadium enhancements - phase two


Hillcrest Stadium is a small park in Hamilton East, accessed from Cambridge Road.​

The park includes an asphalt cycling track – frequently used by casual cyclists, and occasionally for competitions - and within the track itself is a football pitch used by junior and social teams.

In 2015, Hamilton City Council's Parks and Open Spaces Unit began a project to improve Hillcrest Stadium.

We sought comment from the community and park users on what they would like to see changed at the park, and you were among the residents who provided us with feedback.  

The first phase of our project saw the installation of a path from the roadside to the cycling track, and the construction of a hard pad and bike rack.

In April 2016 we will begin the second phase of enhancements.

The work will includes:

  • The installation of an Exeloo toilet.
  • The installation of a drinking fountain.
  • Vegetation management, which will see the removal of some existing trees and shrubs and replacement with new specimens.

We are aware the vegetation replacement may result in some disappointment, particularly for cyclists. However, many of the shrubs and trees have reached their end of their life, and replacing them is a sensible park management practice.  We will be replanting with attractive native species, and although they will take a few years to reach maturity, they will enhance the park's value.

We are also keen to improve visibility in the park in line with Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles, and the replacement of some of the trees and shrubs will ensure better sightlines through the park, and therefore improve safety.

The work is scheduled to begin in April, and while there is construction and vegetation management underway we ask park users to be cautious and stay well clear of the staff and contractors carrying out the work.

We hope you will like the improvements we're making to Hillcrest Stadium.​

Page reviewed: 31 Mar 2016 3:37pm