Melville Park speed skating track

The Hamilton Roller Skating Club has approached Council with a proposal to construct a speed skating track at Melville Park.

The club already operates the enclosed rink at the park, and has done so for several years.

This proposed speed skating track is not currently covered by the existing management plan for the park, and construction of the track will require Hamilton City Council to grant a new community occupancy lease to the club. The proposed track will be asphalt, oval and approximately 200m long.​

However, it is important to bear in mind the Hamilton Roller Skating Club's proposal is in line with the Park's purpose as a recreation reserve.

The club's request is likely to gain considerable interest across the community, so it is important for Council to seek the city's r​esidents and stakeholders to gauge their opinions.

The Council has agreed to a one-month consultation period during which the public can make submissions, and a hearings panel has also been appointed.

Feedback/submissions are being received in written form  or through our online consultation website.

Submitters have until Saturday 6 June, to provide their comments. Once the submission period closes, a hearing panel will be formed and the panel will hear submissions. Anyone can speak to their submission at a panel hearing.

Once the hearings are concluded, a recommendation will be made to Council on whether the lease should be granted.

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​Submissions on Melvillle Park Speed Skating Track closed on 6 June 2015. 

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