Proposed Safety in Public Places Bylaw 2014

After carefully considering all submissions, Council decided to adopt the Safety in Public Places Bylaw 2014. The bylaw will come into force on 15 December 2014. To access the final bylaw, please click here.

In response to concerns raised during public consultation, the Council amended the following definitions:

  • nuisance
  • nuisance behaviour
  • offensive behaviour
  • authorised officer
  • mind-altering substances

To access the adoption report of the Safety in Public Places Bylaw,  under Item 10 of the Strategy and Policy Agenda 19 November 2014, please click here.

Safety in Public Places Bylaw Submissions

A total of 55 submission were received, with 15 submitters requesting to speak at a Council hearing in support of their written submission. The hearings will be held Monday 10 November.

The document below provides a list of submissions (submission reference, name and organisation) with links to the submission documents.

View submissions here

Download copies of the documents below:

These are the key dates in the development of the proposed bylaw:

​26 September​Council adopts the draft Safety in Public Places Bylaw for consultation with the community
​1 October - 28 October ​Draft Safety in Public Places bylaw open for public submissions
10 November ​Hearings for submitters who want to speak to Council about their submissions
19 November to 27​ November​Council to make decisions on submissions and adopt the final Safety in Public Places Bylaw
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