Road stopping

​Ruakura and Percival Roads

​Last year Hamilton City Council’s Strategy and Policy Committee approved starting a process to make changes to two roads in the Ruakura area as part of the development of an inland port by Tainui Group Holdings (TGH). 

The process relates to a proposal which includes TGH building a new road encircling the proposed inland port, before realignment and closure of parts of Ruakura Road and Percival Road. Costs associated with the new road will be met by Tainui Group Holdings. The new road will also provide easier access to the Waikato Expressway connection and is planned to have improvements for cyclists and pedestrians.

The formal notification process has now started. There are set procedures which must be followed when proposing to stop a road, which include clearly stating the area concerned, providing sufficient notification period for people to make submissions, and having details of the proposal available to interested parties.

‘Road stopping" is the term given to changing land with the legal status of road to a freehold title. The road-stopping process is governed by either the Local Government Act 1974 or the Public Works Act 1981.

The statutory period for notification is  40 days, but because of public holidays and the start to the new school year, the Council is extending the submission period in this case. The proposal was publicly notified on 23 January 2016.

This proposal concerns around 700 metres of Ruakura Road from its intersection with Silverdale Road eastwards and around 150 metres of Percival Road to the south of the East Coast Main Trunk railway line, (see map below). 

The new roads and routes will be established before any closures or changes to existing roads. 

If you wish to make a submission to the proposal please write to Hamilton City Council, Strategic Property Unit, Private Bag 3010, Hamilton 3240. Submissions must be received by or before 4pm Friday 11th March 2016.

If there are submissions or objections, Council property staff may arrange a meeting with the submitters to see whether their concerns can be resolved. Staff will then prepare a report for the appropriate Council committee.

The report will then go to a meeting of the full Council for a formal Council resolution. If the Council decides not to uphold the objections and the applicant wishes to continue, the Environment Court will make a ruling.

Frequently asked questions

Why is the road closure required?
In September 2014 the Board of Inquiry approved the Ruakura Plan Change which enables the development of an inland port in the location of the sections of road which are proposed to be stopped.

The road closure is required for TGH to deliver the first stage of development at Ruakura. This is to enable the development of a rail siding to the port.

What is the change in travel distance/time?
The alternative routes have been assessed by selecting waypoints that represent destinations and travel routes to the north, south, east and west.  

North: the Greenhill Road/Wairere Drive roundabout (+1.25km or 1m 32s); 
East: the State Highway 26/Ruakura Road intersection at Newstead (-150m or 12s); 
West: the Five Cross Roads roundabout (+1.3km or 1m 33s); and 
South: the Silverdale Road/Hillcrest Road intersection by the University (+1km or 1m 12s).

The proposed alternative route will provide a shorter connection to the Waikato Expressway via the Ruakura Interchange.

Why hasn’t a new road been proposed north of the railway line to connect to Ruakura Road or Wairere Drive?
Routes to the north of the railway line will be considered in future stages of the Ruakura development once the timing for the construction of the Spine Road is known.

The proposed alternative route, including the Ruakura Road realignment, is considered to be the most practical and suitable route for traffic from the Percival Road and Ryburn Road area at the initial stages of the inland port and logistics area development.

When will the road closure and realignment happen?
The timing isn’t currently known, however, it is likely to be between 2016 and 2019. This will depend on the timeframe to complete the formal part of the road stopping process, timing for the development of the inland port and the construction programme for the Waikato Expressway and realigned Ruakura Road interchange.

What provision will be made for pedestrians and cyclists?
The new roads will have wider shoulders compared to the existing sections of Ruakura Road and Percival Road which are proposed to be stopped, thus enhancing provision for cyclists.  

A 3m wide shared footpath will be constructed on the southern side of the realigned Ruakura road and along both sides of the road which will join the realigned Ruakura Road to existing Ruakura Road.

Footpaths alongs the existing Ruakura Road and new Percival Roads are yet to be determined.

The new infrastructure will provide signalised crossing opportunities across the Ruakura Road flow and across Silverdale Road that are not currently available.

Where can I get more information?
People can view survey plan SO 492393 and other plans weekdays from 7.45am to 5pm at the Customer Services Counter of the Hamilton City Council, Municipal Building, Garden Place, Hamilton or below.

If you wish to make a submission to the proposal please write to Hamilton City Council, Strategic Property Unit, Private Bag 3010, Hamilton 3240. Submissions must be received by or before 4pm Friday 11th March 2016.

For further information regarding the road changes, please contact Melissa Slatter, City Development Planner, Hamilton City Council on 07 838 6749 or email

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