Social Housing for Older Persons Review

Decision to sell to Social housing providers

The Council has adopted the proposal to sell its pensioner housing units to Social Housing Providers

After considering feedback from the community, the Council decided that the units will only be sold to social housing providers and not on the open market.

Conditions of any sale will be that existing tenants are able to remain within the pensioner housing portfolio for as long as they wish and that the units remain as social housing for the next ten years.

Social housing providers will have six months to express interest in purchasing the housing portfolio from 15 February 2015.

The Council will continue to manage the social housing units until a sale is completed. ​

Tenants will be contacted directly by the Council to advise them of the decision. 

Click here to read FAQs following the decision. 


Consultation on Council's Social Housing for Older Persons Review is now closed. Submissions were open from 29 September to 31 October 2014.

Hamilton City Council has undertaken a review of its ownership of pensioner housing properties and is proposing key changes.  This proposal is a decision of high significance and requires an amendment to Council's 2012-22 10-Year Plan.

Social Housing Review Submissions

A total of 284 submission were received, with 45 submitters requesting to speak at a Council hearing in support of their written submission. The hearings will be held Wednesday 12 and Friday 14 November.

The document below provides a list of submissions (submission reference, name and organisation) with links to the submission documents. To access the submission analysis report, please click here.

View submissions here

The Proposal:

  • Invite social housing providers to buy the Council's pensioner housing for ongoing use as social housing.
  • If not sold to social housing providers after six months, offer the pensioner housing for sale on the open market.
  • This means Council will no longer provide pensioner housing as a Council service.

Download copies of the document below:

Background information

These are the key dates in the review of Social Housing for Older Persons:

25 Sept​Council adopt the Social Housing for Older Person Review for consultation with the community
29 Sept to 31 October​Review open for public submissions
12 and 14 November​Hearings for submitters who want to speak to Council about their submission
27 November​Council to make decisions on submissions and decide on the option going forward
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