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​​​​​ Council has many opportunities for the community to participate in its decision-making processes throughout the year. 

We inform Hamilton residents of when proposed plans and policies are available for public submissions through Our Hamilton​Facebook and Twitter, our website and public notices. 

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​If you would like to be notified on issues for public consultation, please provide your details on the sign up page and you will be added to the email engagement and consultation alert group.

Open Engagements and Consultations

Date open  -  Date close
Special Housing Area proposal - ​Quentin Dr (enlarged)​18/03/2019  -  12/04/2019
Hamilton City Prostitution Bylaw Review ​18/03/2019  -  18/04/2019
Hamilton Speed Management Plan​02/04/2019  -  08/05/2019
Making the District Plan more enabling (​Plan Change 6)​03/04/2019  - 10/05/2019
Hamilton Gardens Management Plan​08/04/2019  -  07/06/2019
Development Contributions Policy Update - April 2019​09/04/2019  -  29/04/2019
Melville Skate and Play Space - Upgrade​18/04/19  -  02/05/19

​Closed Engagements and Consultations

Click here to view our closed Have Your Say engagments and consultations.

Click here to view our closed Your Ideas engagements.


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