Draft Concept Plan


Our ideas for Hamilton Park are captured in the draft Concept Plan, others are described below. We'd like to know what you think about these ideas. Before you make your submission, view the Draft Concept Plan​ and read the ideas below.

Some of the key features of the Concept Plan are (labelled A-H on the Plan): 

A: Reception/Administration and Lounge 
We believe there’s value in development of new complex to include a reception area for after-service gatherings, a modern administration/customer facility, and lounge facility for services of up to 100 people. Co-locating a reception, lounge and administration facility under one roof would enable staff to be “right there” for customers’ needs.
  • New Reception Area: Currently Hamilton Park Cemetery does not offer an on-site venue for family and friends to share refreshments and stories of their loved ones following the service. A reception facility would enable the cemetery to provide a complete venue for services.
  • Improved Administration Area: The current administration building is very small and can become cramped. We understand customers’ need for privacy, but we have no way of accommodating this need in our current facility.
  • Another Lounge Facility Option: The current lounge adjoined to the crematorium facility is most suited for viewings and small committal services.  Although nicely presented and maintained to a high standard by our team, there is no outlook as the building has no windows so people get a sense of being locked in when the doors are closed.  Because the room is next to the crematorium, the sound of the cremators is noticeable and is often commented on by funeral attendees. 
  • The chapel is best suited to large gatherings of about 240 people while the crematorium lounge only accommodates 30 people.  There is growing demand for a lounge with the capacity to hold 80-100 people, with windows and taking advantage of the beautiful views at the cemetery. 
B: Works Depot 
Build a depot workshop to better accommodate our growing business.
  • We have no wash-down area for work vehicles or designated workspace for staff to carry out vehicle and plant maintenance.  
  • The cemetery fleet is housed in the same area as the funeral director entrance to the crematorium which is unsuitable. 
  • As the cemetery expands closer to Vaile Road, the work depot would ideally be moved to a location more centrally located to where current and future activity is. This will save cemetery vehicles having to covering greater distances for burial and other activities.
C: Toilet 
Construct a new, modern and accessible toilet block.
  • Current public toilets are some distance from burial lawns where public most often visit. Our current toilets are not accessible-friendly. 
D: Outdoor Committal Shelter
The cemetery receives requests to have outdoor services.  An open-air shelter would enable this as well as other gatherings such as unveiling and anniversaries. It would also provide outdoor shelter for impromptu gatherings. 

E: Mausolea   
Mausolea make efficient use of land and have a low built footprint, and are proposed in the Draft Concept Plan as an above-ground burial alternative.  They are becoming more popular in New Zealand as people consider the future conservation of land.

F: New Children’s Burial Area
An area dedicated as a final resting place for children.

G: Upgrade Morrinsville Road entrance
An upgraded entrance way into Hamilton Park Cemetery would reflect the importance of site and improve after-hours security.

H: Children’s Play Area
A child-friendly space would help demystify cemeteries for children and make family visits to the cemetery a more welcoming and positive experience.

Ideas for our heritage cemeteries

Best practice Heritage Conservation
Plans are underway to establish a “Friends” group to advocate and oversee future restoration of Hamilton’s Heritage Cemeteries in line with the Heritage Cemeteries Conservation Plan for Hamilton East and West Cemeteries, developed in 2013. The Conservation Plan outlines best practice management principles.

Future construction of Outdoor Meeting Room at Hamilton East Cemetery 
An open shelter would provide a place of reflection for visitors. It would also serve as a meeting place for heritage tour groups and guides.

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