Our services and cemeteries


Our aspiration... 

For Hamilton Park Cemetery we aspire to deliver outstanding customer service and best practice in our operations and sustainability.

For our heritage cemeteries, we aspire to protect their heritage values through best practice restoration, maintenance and interpretation.

Our three cemeteries

​Hamilton Park Cemetery opened in 1957 with the crematorium and chapel facilities operating since 1963.  Each year we carry out 1,400-plus cremations, more than 230 casket burials, about 460 services, and several hundred ash burials.  The cemetery is currently 18 hectares, with a further 14 hectares available for future development. 

Hamilton East Cemetery opened in 1866, and remains open for reserved plot burials and ash internments.  It’s the resting place of more than 14,000 people.  As the oldest and longest-operating cemetery in Hamilton, Hamilton East Cemetery has considerable historic significance as a record, not just of particular Hamilton residents, but also of the development of the settlement over nearly 150 years. 

Hamilton West Cemetery opened in 1869 and was closed in 1975. It’s the resting place of 1,612 people, many of them members of the Fourth Waikato Militia, their wives and children and as such represents the founding of Hamilton as a colonial settlement.

Current services and facilities

Office & Service Hours

​Office hours​8.30am-4.30pm ​ ​ ​ ​​Closed ​
​Burial hours​8.30am-4.00pm ​ ​ ​ ​​By arrangement​Closed
​Cremation hours​8.30am-4.30pm ​ ​ ​ ​​Closed ​

The Chapel provides a non-denominational setting for pre-booked cremation and burial services, with seating for up to 240 people. A chapel attendant is available to assist funeral directors and families with arrangements during services. 

The Lounge is adjacent to the crematorium and is suitable for a family committal or small funeral service, with seating for up to 30 people.  The lounge also provides a viewing window for families who wish to see the casket entering the cremator at the beginning of the cremation.

Denominational and Cultural Burials
Hamilton is a multi-cultural city with more than 160 ethnicities represented in the community.  Hamilton Park Cemetery currently has designated areas set aside for Muslim, Jewish and Exclusive Brethren burials for Hamilton and the wider Waikato region.  We do try to meet the customary burial practices of different communities, but safety and legislative compliance guide our operations. 

Did you know we now have a natural burial area? 
It’s alongside a gully filled with native trees, located in the centre of the cemetery site.  All elements of a natural burial are biodegradable – casket or shroud, with no chemical embalming fluids. A metre of earth goes on top of the body, topped with native plantings and a small identifying biodegradable marker.

Deaths within the Hamilton Park Cemetery catchment are projected to increase from 2,644 per annum in 2015 to 4,184 per annum in 2045, according to Statistics New Zealand birth and death projections.​
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