Draft Cemeteries Management Plan


Hamilton City Council is the owner and operator of the city's three cemeteries.

Managing the operational cemetery and crematorium at Newstead (Hamilton Park Cemetery) and the two heritage cemeteries (Hamilton West and Hamilton East) is a crucial function of Council's Parks and Open Spaces Unit, and an important service to Hamilton's community.

To ensure our cemetery and crematorium services meet the demand of our growing and diverse city, Council has produced a Draft Cemeteries Management Plan.

The plan examines possible developments and expansion at Hamilton Park Cemetery, and how we care for our two heritage cemeteries.

The public consultation phase has now closed and we are currently finalising the draft plan. Once the final plan has been adopted, it will become available on this website.

You can read a copy of the draft Plan here. (PDF, 10.5MB)​


6 August 2014​Community invited to provide suggestions
​17 August 2014
​Information Day at Hamilton Park Cemetery
​29 August 2014​First stage written submissions close
​September 2014​Analysis of suggestions and preparation of Draft Management Plan
1 December 2014​Public notification of Draft Management Plan
10 ​February 2015​Submissions close
March 2015​Hearings​ panel hear submissions
May 2015​Final Management Plan adopted
Further enquiries: phone 07-856 7987 or email: HPC@hcc.govt.nz​
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