Archived Public Notices 2012


December 2012


November 2012

Date Notice
30th Nov​ Super Rugby Games Temporary Street Closure of Parts of Abbotsford Street, Tristram Street, Seddon Road and Mill Street (PDF, 30KB)​
30th Nov​ Temporary Street Closure of parts of Abbotsford Street, Tristram Street, Seddon Road and Mill Street (29.5KB)​
30th Nov​ Temporary Road Closure of parts of Bryce Street and Seddon Road (PDF, 29.6KB)​
30th Nov​ Temporary Road Closure of part of Hillcrest Road (PDF, 22.8KB)​
30th Nov​ Summer water level alert 1 (PDF, 68.5KB)​
23rd Nov​ Notice of Meetings (PDF, 29.9KB)​
21st Nov​ Balloons Over Waikato Festival Temporary road Closures 3rd - 7th April 2013 (PDF, 30.2KB)​
21st Nov​ Calling for nominations for Community Wellbeing and Environment Fund Allocation Committee (PDF, 23.5KB)​
21st Nov​ Resource Management Act 1991 (PDF, 31KB) ​
16th Nov​ Temporary Road Closure (PDF, 20.7KB)
7th Nov​ Temporary Road Closure of Marlborough Place - Friday 30 Nov (PDF, 21KB)​
2nd Nov Review of Representation Arrangements and Basis of Election (PDF, 24.3KB)


October 2012

Date Notice
31st Oct​ Revocation of a Local Purpose Reserve (PDF, 21.4KB)
31st Oct​ Valuation Rolls General Revaluation (PDF, 21.4KB)​
10th Oct​ Temporary Road Closures (PDF, 27.9KB)
10th Oct​ Recycling & Refuse Services - Labour Weekend (PDF, 75.9KB)​
4th Oct​ Notice of Meetings (PDF, 26.4KB)
3rd Oct​ Temporary Road Closures (PDF, 26.2KB)
​3rd Oct Review of the Hamilton City Speed Limit Amendment Bylaw 2011 (PDF, 31.7KB)


September 2012

Date ​Notice
28th Sep​ Temporary Road Closure (PDF, 21.8KB)
19th Sep​ Final Proposal for representation arrangements for the 2012 local elections (PDF, 28.4KB)​
​19th Sep Temporary boat ramp and road closure (PDF, 21.9KB)​
​19th Sep Temporary road closure (PDF, 21.3KB)​
​19th Sep Cancellation of meeting​ (PDF, 87.3KB)
​19th Sep Temporary road closures - Hood Street (PDF, 101KB)


August 2012

Date ​Notice
31st August ​ Public Places Liquor Bylaw 2010 (PDF, 20.2KB)
29th August​ Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Classic 2012 (PDF, 28.5KB)
21st August​ Hamilton City Bylaws (PDF, 24.5KB)​
21st August​ Temporary Road Closure of part of Bridge St, Victoria Bridge, Grantham St and Tisdall Terrace (PDF, 24.4)​
21st August​ Temporary Road Closures - Frankton Market (PDF, 1MB)​
15th August ​ Temporary Closure of Boat Ramp and Carpark (PDF, 22.1KB)
8th August​ Temporary Road Closures (PDF, 24.8KB)
4th August​ RMA Commissioners - Request for Expressions of Interest (PDF, 21KB)​


July 2012


June 2012 

Date Notice
28th June​ Notice of a Future Proof Meeting Cancellation (PDF, 21KB)​

May 2012 

Date Notice
30th May​ Nominations for Performing Arts Contestable Fund (PDF, 24KB)
23rd May​ Recycling and Refuse Services Queen's Birthday Weekend (PDF, 79KB)
23rd May​ Join Hamilton's Arts Forum: Expressions of Interest (PDF, 22KB)​
16th May​
10th May​ Temporary Road Closure (PDF, 22KB)
4th May ​ Notice of 10 Year Plan Meetings (PDF, 28KB)

April 2012

Date ​Notice
23rd June​​​ Road Closures - International Rugby Game (PDF, 28KB)​
28th April​ Notice of meetings (PDF, 26KB)
28th April​ Notice of decisions on submissions (PDF, 29KB)
25th April​​ ANZAC Day (PDF, 46KB)​
25th April​​ Recycling & Refuse Services - ANZAC Day (PDF, 75KB)
25th April​​ Wheelie Bin Service - ANZAC Day (PDF, 44KB)​
24th April​
23rd April​​ Notice of Meeting  (PDF, 28KB)​
20th - 22nd April​ Noise Notice - ITM400 (PDF, 24KB)​
18 April​ HCC Bylaw Reviews​ (PDF, 31KB)
​18 April Adoption of the Hamilton City Solid Waste Bylaw 2012 and the Hamilton Waste Management and Minimisation Plan 2012​ (PDF, 24KB)
18 April​ Hamilton Gardens Café – Request Expression of Interest​ (PDF, 22KB)
10th - 23rd April​​ Temporary Road Closure / Temporary Traffic Diversion (PDF, 29KB)​
18th - 19th April​​ Notice of a Commissioner Hearing Meeting (PDF, 28KB)
6th - 9th April​ Recycling & Refuse Services - Easter Weekend  (PDF, 75KB)​​
​6th - 9th April Wheelie Bin Service - Easter Weekend​ (PDF, 44KB)


 March 2012

Date Notice
21st March​
​21st March
​21st March Removal of Part of Designation - HCC Proposed District Plan August 2011  (PDF, 168KB)​
​19th March Draft 2012-22 10-Year Plan & Draft Supporting Policies (PDF, 31KB)​
​14th March No Parking at Seddon Park (PDF, 27KB)​
​10th March ANZAC Road Closures (PDF, 30KB)​
​7th March Notice of Meetings (PDF, 26KB)​
​7th March Removal of Water Restrictions (PDF, 70KB)​​
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