Closed Consultation and Notifications

​Rating Review Changing Hamilton's Rating System - Your City's Future

Hamilton City Council wants to introduce a new system to collect rates. This system, called Capital Value (CV), is considered fairer and has been adopted by most councils in New Zealand. Read more about the proposal here: 

Closed Publicly Notified Resource Consent Applications

2011 Consents

  • Establish and operate a 24/7 Wendys Restaurant and Drive Through on the corner of 10 Greenwood Street and 88 Killarney Road
  • Application for proposed removal of significant tree T33 situated on road berm on the left corner entrance to The Base Parade from the roundabout on Te Rapa Road (SH1), (951 Te Rapa Road)
  • Sand winning activity and the associated placement of clean fill at 461 Peacockes Road
  • Remove two palm trees listed in the Significant Tree Register' of the District Plan to enable the development of glazed retail space fronting Victoria Street as part of a proposal to redevelop and revitalise the Centre Place Shopping Centre and surrounding city centre
  • Redevelopment of an existing Commercial Service zoned property to two retail activities and place of assembly at 124 Grey Street

Closed Hamilton City Council Bylaws Review

  • Proposed Amendments to the Hamilton City Council Public Places Liquor Control Bylaw 2007
  • Proposed amendments to Hamilton City Speed Limit Bylaw 2010
  • Proposed Public Places Bylaw and Public Policy 2008
  • Proposed Amendments to Speed Limit Bylaw 2007
  • Proposed Amendments to Traffic Bylaw 2007 (Schedule E1, E2 & F)
  • Review of Hamilton City Animal Traps Bylaw 1970
  • Review of Hamilton City Bylaw (No. 2) 1922 Sanitation (Stables, Pig Sty's and Poultry)
  • Review of Hamilton City Water Supply Bylaw 1999
  • Review of Hamilton City Cemetery and Crematorium Bylaw 1991
  • Bylaws Review - Public Library Bylaw 1960 & Public Swimming Pools Bylaw 1967 - submissions closed 27 June 2007
  • Hamilton City Parks, Reserves and Domains Bylaw 1996 and Reserves Act Management Plans
  • Council's Trade Waste Bylaw Review 2006
  • Hamilton City Public Places Liquor Control Bylaw 2005
  • Hamilton City Skating Bylaw 1996
  • Hamilton City Fire Prevention Bylaw 1993
  • Hamilton City Through Truck Bylaw 2000 and Hamilton City Vehicle Crossing Construction Bylaw
  • 1994 and Hamilton  City Road Traffic Bylaw 1996 and Hamilton City Parking Bylaw 2004
To view current Bylaws go to Bylaws or contact the Strategy and Research team for more information.

Closed Variations to Hamilton City Council's District Plan

  • Variation 21: Hamilton Central Business District Strategic Alignment with Future Proof and Hamilton Urban Growth Strategy
  • Variation 20: Managing Change and Character in Hamilton East
  • Hamilton City and Waikato District Boundary Changes 2010: Draft Boundary Reorganisation Schemes
  • Variation No. 17: Strategic Alignment
  • Variation No. 9: Amendments to Financial Contributions, Traffic Management and Miscellaneous Provisions
  • Transit New Zealand Notice of Requirement for a Designation: Te Rapa Bypass
  • Transit New Zealand Notice of Requirement for Alteration of a Designation: Greenwood Street and Killarney Road Intersection
  • WEL Networks Horsham Downs Substation- submissions closed 12 September 2007
  • Variation No. 10: Rezoning of Waikato Stadium and Seddon Park
  • Hamilton's Eastern Arterial
To view current Council Policies go to Policies or contact the City Planning team for more information on the District Plan and Variations to the Plan.

Closed Hamilton City Council Policy Reviews

  • Draft Heritage Policy
  • Earthquake Policy
  • Review of Council's Gambling Policy- submissions closed 27 June 2007
  • Review of Council's Class 4 and Board (TAB) Gambling Venue Policies
  • Development & Financial Contributions Policy

Closed Hamilton City Council Plans

  • Draft Reviewed Playground Policy - closed 11 April 2011
  • Review of Gambling Venue Policies - Gambling: Hamilton City Class 4 Venue Policy & Gambling: Hamilton City Board (TAB) Venue Policy
  • Twin Stadia Development Plan Review
  • Minor Review of the Hamilton Lake Domain Management Plan
  • Minogue Park - Draft Management Plan
  • Sports Parks Plan - Minor Review of Operative Plan
  • Pukete Farm Park - Draft Management Plan
  • Council's Proposed 2008/09 Annual Plan
  • Council's Proposed 2007/08 Annual Plan
  • Council's Proposed 2006-16 Long-Term Plan
  • Council's Proposed 2009-19 LTCCP
To view the Council's publications go to Council Publications or contact the Planning Guidance team for more information on Resource Consent Applications.

Miscellaneous - Other Closed Consultations

  • Vibrant Hamilton Trust – statement of proposal: Proposal to establish a new trust called Vibrant Hamilton Trust
  • Liquid Waste
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