2017/18 Annual Plan

Every three years all councils must produce a 10-Year Plan that sets out their direction for the next decade.  It includes our priorities, plans and budget, with a specific focus on the first three years. 

In the years in between each 10-Year Plan we produce an Annual Plan, which updates the budget for any changes.

The 2017/18 Annual Plan presents the Council's budget for July 2017 to June 2018 – year three of our 2015-25 10-Year Plan.  

Consultation and Decisions

Consultation on the Annual Plan was from 7 April to 7 May 2017, with hearings held on 18 May 2017.  The Council made decisions on the Annual Plan on 1 June 2017 and the final 2017/18 Annual Plan was adopted on 29 June 2017.​

To view the consultation document and the submissions received, please click on the following links:​


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