Appeals process

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Consent Orders and Environment Court Correspondence

Consent orders,  decisions, case management minutes issued by the Environment Court and memoranda of council for the respondent can be viewed here.

App​eals lodged with the Environment Court

View the appeals received below in alphabetical order​. 

Appellant​​​ ​​Environment Court ​ref​ number
A & A King Family Trust (1.8 MB)ENV-2014-AKL-000144
A & A King Family Trust (Industrial Rules) (4.8 MB)ENV-2014-AKL-000156
Baruchel Developments Limited (404 KB)  ENV-2014-AKL-000180
Body Corporate 550337 (1.5 MB)ENV-2014-AKL-000148
Bunnings (1.2 MB)ENV-2014-AKL-000160
Chartwell Investments (1 MB)
Chartwell Investments - attachments (3.2 MB)
Chedworth Properties Limited (127 KB)ENV-2014-AKL-000146
Claudelands Property Trust (2.5 MB)ENV-2014-AKL-000174
Darryl & Suzanne Smith (533 KB)​ENV-2014-AKL-000185
DNZ Property Fund Limited (K-Mart) (2 MB)ENV-2014-AKL-000166
DNZ Property Fund Limited (Countdown) (1.45 MB)ENV-2014-AKL-000162
Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited (816 KB)ENV-2014-AKL-000151
Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited - Chapter 12 Te Rapa North Industrial Zone (62 KB)​ENV-2015-AKL-000057
Gilbass Developments Limited (393 KB)ENV-2014-AKL-000183
Goan Holdings Limited and Dixon Homes Limited (3.2 MB)ENV-2014-AKL-000137
Hamilton JV Investments and Hounsell Holdings Ltd
(417 KB)
Hamilton JV Investments and Hounsell Holdings Ltd - attachments (6.8 MB)
Heritage New Zealand (5.4 MB)ENV-2014-AKL-000184
Highview Properties Limited (5.6 MB)ENV-2014-AKL-000181
Hills Laboratories (297 KB)ENV-2014-AKL-000154
Kiwi Income Property Trust and Others (506 KB)
Kiwi Income Property Trust and Others - attachments (24.7 MB)
McDonald's Restaurants (New Zealand) Limited (582 KB)ENV-2014-AKL-000164
New Zealand Transport Agency (352 KB)
New Zealand Transport Agency - attachments (6.6 MB)
Parkwood Gateway Holdings Limited (1.7 MB)ENV-2014-AKL-000175
Parkwood Trade Centre Limited (725 KB)ENV-2014-AKL-000176
Paul Knox (Laras Holdings Limited) (385 KB)ENV-2014-AKL-000153
Porter Developments Ltd and Porter Properties Ltd (274 KB)
Porter Developments Ltd and Porter Properties Ltd - attachments (6.4 MB)
Portland Park Limited (1.7 MB)ENV-2014-AKL-000177
Progressive Enterprises Limited (73 KB)ENV-2014-AKL-000173
Property Council New Zealand (3 MB)ENV-2014-AKL-000169
Raymond John Bird (188 KB)ENV-2014-AKL-000172
Riverside Oak Estate Limited & Findlay (468 KB)ENV-2014-AKL-000179
Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Hamilton (702 KB)ENV-2014-AKL-000158
Rotokauri Development Limited (34 KB)ENV-2014-AKL-000150
Tainui Group Holdings Limited (Ruakura) (150 KB)ENV-2014-AKL-000147
Tainui Group Holdings Ltd (42 KB)ENV-2014-AKL-000149
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Trust Board
      (4 MB)
The National Trading Company of New Zealand (664 KB)
The National Trading Company of New Zealand - attachments (6.5 MB)
​The Oil Companies (16 MB)​ENV-2014-AKL-000163
The Waikato Community Trust Incorporated (1.4 MB)ENV-2014-AKL-000142
Transpower New Zealand Limited (160 KB)ENV-2014-AKL-000182
Waikato District Health Board (35 KB)ENV-2014-AKL-000168
Waikato Institute of Technology (35 KB)ENV-2014-AKL-000165
Waikato Regional Council (3.3 MB)ENV-2014-AKL-000167
WEL Networks Limited (316 KB)ENV-2014-AKL-000140
Wilson David Jolly (870 KB)ENV-2014-AKL-000178
WJ & MR Laverty (165 KB)ENV-2014-AKL-000155

The appeals are being dealt with through the Environment Court process. If you require further information on the appeal process, please contact the Environment Court.​

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