District Plan History

​​​​​​​​The review of the District Plan began in 2009 and ended when Council passed a resolution on 29 September 2016 to make the plan partly operative. 


Council consulted stakeholders and the community to develop the Proposed District Plan. This included:
  • Identification of significant resource management issues for Hamilton – Fast Forward Discussion Document, February 2010
  • Development of issues and options through the Big Picture Outcomes and Options Discussion Document, August 2010
  • Preparation of a Draft District Plan for feedback, April 2012

​​Proposed District Plan Notified December 2012

Volume 1 - Chapters 1 to 26 (20 MB)
Volume 2 - Appendices 1 - 16 (43 MB)
Volume 2 - Appendix 17 Planning Maps (44 MB)
Section 32 Analysis (6 MB)

Submissions Received

Submissions on the Proposed District Plan ran from 10 December 2012 to 29 March 2013. 
View the submissions alphabetically by submitter. 
View  the submissions by submitter number. 

View the Summary of Submissions by chapter.
View the Summary of Submissions by submitter.​​​ 

Further Submissions Received

Further submissions on the Proposed District Plan ran from 31 May 2013 to  2 July 2013. 
View the further submissions alphabetically by further submitter.
View the further submissions by submission number.


The hearing of submissions to the Proposed District Plan were held from September 2013 to February 2014. The Staff Report for each topic​ was made available 5 working days before that topic was heard.  

Decisions on Proposed District Plan – 9 July 2014

Following hearings and consideration of submissions, the Decisions on the Proposed District Plan were released on 9 July 2014.

​Appeal process

The appeals period closed on 22 August 2014. Forty-five appeals were lodged with the Environment Court, and five were subsequently withdrawn.

Click here to view the appeals lodged with the Environment Court, consent orders granted and case management minutes issued by the Environment Court.​

Updates ​​to the Partly Operative District Plan ​​

​​​Reason​Plan updated​​Updates to be printed for Hard-Copy Plans
Plan Change 1 - Ruakura Decisions and Appeals​January 2017​​Instructions 
Volume 1 update
Volume 2 update​
​Clause 20a​May 2017​​Instructions
Volume 1 and 2 update
​Plan Change 1 - Consent Order, Clause 20a and Alteration to Designation​July & August 2017​Instructions
Volume 1 and 2 update

Ruakura Variation (Plan Change 1)

​The Ruakura Variation (Plan Change 1) now forms part of the Operative District Plan. Information relating to the Plan Change can be found here​.

​​​​District Plan 2012

​​​​The previous Operative District Plan 2012​ was last pub​lished in March 2016.

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