Plan Change 6 – Making the District Plan more enabling

Plan Change 6 was made operative on Friday 19 February 2021​ in accordance with the First Schedule of the RMA. The plan change has been incorporated into the Operative District Plan.

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at does Plan Change 6 cover? 

The Regulatory Effectiveness and Efficiency Programme (REEP) was ​set up to ensure the Council’s regulatory functions are delivered in an effective, efficient and customer-focused manner. Plan Change 6 incorporates recommendations from REEP to make our District Plan more enabling and workable. A summary of the changes can be viewed here.

​At the same time, we're taking the opportunity to make two other changes to the District Plan to correct a mapping error in relation to the transmission line buffer zone and rezone Council-owned land bordering Waiwhakareke National Heritage Park.​

​​Proposed District Plan Versions

ODP Proposed Plan Changes - Chapter 4 Residential Zones.pdf
ODP Proposed Plan Changes - Chapter 6 Business Zones.pdf
ODP Proposed Plan Changes - Chapter 7 Central City Zone.pdf
ODP Proposed Plan Changes - Chapter 9 Industrial Zone.pdf
ODP Proposed Plan Changes - Chapter 23 Subdivision.pdf
ODP Proposed Plan Changes - Chapter 25 City Wide.pdf
ODP Proposed Plan Changes - Appendix 1 District Plan Administration.pdf
ODP Proposed Plan Changes - Appendix 15 Transportation.pdf​​


The appeal to Plan Change 6 - REEP has been resolved by Environment Court Consent Order​ dated 17 December 2020.​

​​Appellant​Environment Court reference number
​WEL Networks Limited​ [1.7MB]​​ENV-2020-AKL-​000167​


​​​​The Hearing Panel has issued decisions on Plan Change 6 which were notified on 28 August 2020.​ The Decisions are subject to an appeal period of 30 working days.​ 

Commissioner Decision ​​[1.55MB]
Public​ Notice [153 KB]​​


Recording from hearing​

Procedural Directions​

Commissioners’ procedural direction 1- 7 May 2020
Procedural Direction 1- 8 April 2020​

Evidence Submitted for Hearing

Right of Reply- Clare Douglas
Supplementary Statement-Clare Douglas
Transportation Evidence- Alastair Black

Section 42 Hearing Report

Click on the links below to see the Section 42a Report and Appendices.

Section 42A Hearing Report
Appendix A-Analysis and Recommendation Tables
Appendix B-Summary of Submissions and Further Submission
Appendix C-Tracked Change Amendment Versions
- Chapter 4 Residential Zones
- Chapter 6 Business 1 to 7 Zones
- Chapter 7 Central City Zone
- Chapter 9 Industrial Zone
- Chapter 23 Subdivision
- Chapter 25.2 Earthworks and Vegetation Removal
- Chapter 25.5 Landscaping and Screening
- Chapter 25.8 Noise and Vibration
- Chapter 25.13 Three Waters
- Chapter 25.14 Transportation
- Appendix 1.1 Definitions and Terms
- Appendix 1.2 Information Requirements
Appendix D-Section 32AA Report
Appendix E-Expert Advice
Appendix F-Submissions and Further Submissions
Appendix G-Withdrawn parts of Plan Change 6

What parts of the Plan Change have been withdrawn?

Council resolved to withdraw parts of Plan Change 6 at its meeting on 19 March 2020.  Click on the links below to see further details and the parts of the plan change which have been withdrawn:

The withdrawn changes are shown in red.

At the hearing the independent hearings commissioners will not consider or make decisions on the withdrawn parts of Plan Change 6.

What submissions were received?

Submissions on Plan Change 6 ran from 20 July 2019 to 2 September 2019 and 30 submissions were recieved. ​

The Council prepared and made available to the public a summary of submissions to Proposed Plan Change 6 and called for further submissions which closed on 1 November 2019. Four further submissions were received. 

To view a full copy of each submission click on the names in the table below. ​​​

The conta​ct details​ of the below submitters can be found here​.

​​Submission Number​Submitter Name/Company
​1Warren Alfred Stace​
​2Leonard Philip Halgryn ​
​3Richard Armstrong
​4Ministry of Education
​5Hamilton Central Business Association ​
​6Andrew Watts
​7Waikato Farmers Trust
​9Disabled Person's Assembly NZ (DPA NZ) Inc Waikato Branch
​11​​​Jonnybro Development 
​12​​Rene Nielsen 
​13Chedworth Properties Limited
​14Peter Findlay
​15​Peter Bos
​16​Transpower New Zealand Ltd​
​17Assured Construction Ltd​
​18Da-Silva Builders Ltd
​19Waikato Anglican Trust
​20The NZ Transport Agency 
​21Fonterra Limited
​22Wel Networks Limited​
​23Hamilton City Council​​
​24​​David and Barbara Yzendoorn
​25Blue Wallace Surveyors Ltd​
​26​Property Council New Zealand
​27​MG Solutions Ltd
​28 (Late Submission)​Ministry of Social Development
​29 (Late Submission)​​​Habitat for Humanity (Central North Island) Limited
​30 (Late Submission)​​Housing New Zealand

Futher Submissions Received 

​​Click on the names in the below table to read a copy of each further submission 

​​​​Further Submission NumberName/ Organisation 
​FS01​Kainga Ora-Homes and Communities
FS02Ministry ​of Education
FS03​​WEL Networks Limited
FS04​​Weston Lea

Where can I view Plan Change 6?

The easiest way to view the proposed provisions is by clicking on the links in the below table. ​The amendments are shown in green type​​​​​​.

In addition to the documents below, Proposed ​Plan Change 6 has also been integrated into the relevant chapters of the Operative District Plan- Proposed Plan Changes​.

​Proposed Plan Change 6
Chapter 2- Strategic Framework
Chapter 4- Residential Zone
Chapter 5- Special Character Zone
​Chapter 6- Business Zones
​Chapter 7- Central City Zone
​Chapter 9- Industrial Zone
​Chapter 16- Community Facilities Zone
​Chapter 22- Natural Hazards
​Chapter 23- Subdivision
​Chapter 25- Citywide
Chapter 25.2- Earthworks
Chapter 25.5- Landscaping and Screening
Chapter 25.8- Noise and Vibration
Chapter 25.10- Signs
Chapter 25.13- Three Waters
Chapter 25.14- Transportation
​Appendix 1- District Plan Administration
Appendix 4- Special Character Zone
​​​Appendix 6-Industrial Zone
Appendix 15- Transportation
Appendix 17- Planning Maps
​Section 32 Evaluation
​​Section 32 Evaluation Report
Appendix 1- Statutory Requirments
Appendix 2- Matters for Consideration and Scale and Significance
Appendix 3- Option Assessment
Appendix 4- Consultation
Appendix 5- Evalu​ation of objectives, policies and rules
​​Appendix 6- Iwi Authority
Appendix 7- REEP Recommendations
Appendix 8- Extent of change to the Transmission Corridor
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