Plan Change 6 – Making the District Plan more enabling


Hamilton City Council publicly notified Plan Change 6 on 20 July 2019 and we are now calling for formal submissions. Submissions close at 4.30pm on Monday 2 September 2019

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What does Plan Change 6 cover? 

The Regulatory Effectiveness and Efficiency Programme (REEP) was set up to ensure the Council’s regulatory functions are delivered in an effective, efficient and customer-focused manner. Plan Change 6 incorporates recommendations from REEP to make our District Plan more enabling and workable. A summary of the changes can be viewed here.

​At the same time, we're taking the opportunity to make two other changes to the District Plan to correct a mapping error in relation to the transmission line buffer zone and rezone Council-owned land bordering Waiwhakareke National Heritage Park.

Where are we no​​w?In April/May, we sought initial feedback and made some changes to the proposed provisions. We have now publicly notified Plan Change 6 and welcome submissions on the proposed provisions until Monday 2 September 2019 at 4.30pm. Following the submission period, a summary of the submissions will be made available.

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Helpful links

Plan Change 6 Information Sheet and summary
Public Notice
Submission information Sheet

How do I make a submission?

  • Online at: ham​​or
  • Download  a submission form​ then:
    • ​​Email it to:; or 
    • ​Post it to:  Plan Change 6 Submissions, Freepost 172189, City Planning Unit, Private Bag 3010, Hamilton 3240

​Where can I view Plan Change 6?

The easiest way to view the proposed provisions is by clicking on the links in the below table. ​The amendments are shown in green type​​​​​​.

In addition to the documents below, Proposed Plan Change 6 has also been integrated into the relevant chapters of the Operative District Plan- Proposed Plan Changes​.

​Proposed Plan Change 6
Chapter 2- Strategic Framework
Chapter 4- Residential Zone
Chapter 5- Special Character Zone
​Chapter 6- Business Zones
​Chapter 7- Central City Zone
​Chapter 9- Industrial Zone
​Chapter 16- Community Facilities Zone
​Chapter 22- Natural Hazards
​Chapter 23- Subdivision
​Chapter 25- Citywide
Chapter 25.2- Earthworks
Chapter 25.5- Landscaping and Screening
Chapter 25.8- Noise and Vibration
Chapter 25.10- Signs
Chapter 25.13- Three Waters
Chapter 25.14- Transportation
​Appendix 1- District Plan Administration
Appendix 4- Special Character Zone
​​​Appendix 6-Industrial Zone
Appendix 15- Transportation
Appendix 17- Planning Maps
​Section 32 Evaluation
​​Section 32 Evaluation Report
Appendix 1- Statutory Requirments
Appendix 2- Matters for Consideration and Scale and Significance
Appendix 3- Option Assessment
Appendix 4- Consultation
Appendix 5- Evaluation of objectives, policies and rules
​​Appendix 6- Iwi Authority
Appendix 7- REEP Recommendations
Appendix 8- Extent of change to the Transmission Corridor
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