Plan Change 6 – Making the District Plan more enabling

​Hamilton City Council’s District Plan guides development within the city. The Council is constantly reviewing and updating it to make sure it’s fit for purpose and enabling good development in Hamilton. 

What does Plan Change 6 cover? 

As part of the Regulatory Efficiency and Effectiveness Programme (REEP), we asked people who have done development in Hamilton – what could we change to make it easier for you? We listened and drafted a range of changes to make our District Plan more enabling and workable. These changes range from amended definitions to making one duplex permitted on a rear site.

At the same time, we're taking the opportunity to make two other changes to the District Plan to: 

    • correct a mapping error in relation to the transmission line buffer zone
    • rezone Council-owned land bordering Waiwhakareke National Heritage Park to reflect the site’s purpose as a reserve.

Where are we now?

​​We sought initial feedback from 3 April to 10 May 2019. This included a drop-in session on Tuesday 9 April in the Reception Lounge, Hamilton City Council, and another one just for those people affected by the transmission line buffer area realignment a​​​​​t the Life & Light Community Church, Chartwell.​​

We are now taking a report to Council on 27 June 2019 seeking approval to publicly notify Plan Change 6. On formal notification, you will have the opportunity to provide formal feedback in the form of a submission. 

The Draft District Plan documentation available during the initial feedback was as follows:

​What would you like to know more about? 

Transmission line buffer zone realignment

The Council is working to update some maps within its District Plan that show where a buffer area should be around high-voltage transmission lines.

The buffer area (National Grid Yard) restricts the type of development that can happen within a specific distance from the National Grid High Voltage Transmission Lines. This buffer exists to make sure people and their property are safe from the electrical hazard and to make sure the running and upgrading of the lines can run smoothly. 

The maps within the District Plan show the transmission lines and the buffer area are mapped in slightly the wrong location. The physical location of the lines is not changing; our proposed update to the maps is to show the transmission lines and the buffer area in the correct location. 

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Rezoning land bordering Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park

The Council owns a piece of land bordering the Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park. The proposed change will rezone this area (from residential to reserve) to reflect the site’s purpose as a reserve. This rezoning process has been underway for a while and this is the final stage. 

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Recommendations from the Regulatory Effectiveness and Efficiency Programme (REEP)

The REEP was set up to ensure the Council’s regulatory functions are delivered in an effective, efficient and customer-focused manner. The first part of the programme focused on assessing the rules and methods framework of the District Plan in terms of their efficiency and effectiveness in meeting the Plan’s objectives and policies. This included collecting data, talking with key customers and holding internal workshops, followed by in-depth analysis and developing recommendations to reduce or simplify requirements while still delivering District Plan objectives. 

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Tracked changed chapters (amendments are shown in green type):

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