Operative District Plan

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The District Plan became operative on 18 October 2017. It is available on-line below. ​To order a hard copy set, complete the order form​ and email it to districtplan@hcc.govt.nz​.

Pl​an ch​​anges – what's ​happening now?

Hamilton City Council is constantly reviewing and updating its District Plan to make sure it’s fit for purpose and enabling good development in Hamilton. The table below summarises where the plan changes are currently at. For further detail, click on the hyperlinks. 

​​Plan Change​​Status
Plan Change 2 – Te Awa Lakes (Private Plan Change)​Publicly notifie​​​d Nov 2017. Hearing 25 November 2019. ​Decision notified 13 March 2020​.​ Two appeals received​. Consent Order for appeals received​ 3 September 2020.​​
​Plan Change 3 – Temple View Boundary Alteration​Publicly notified Feb 2019. Hearing 20 June 2019. Decisions p​ublicly notified 11 September 2019​​.
Plan Change Operative 12 December 2019.
Plan Change 4 – WithdrawnWithdrawn
Plan Change 5 Peacocke​In preparation
​​Plan Change 6 – Regulatory Efficiency and Effectiveness Programme (REEP)​Publicly notified July 2019. Hearing 11th and 13th May 2020. Decision notified 28​ August 2020.
Plan Change 7 – Rotokauri North​ (Private Plan Change)​​Limited notification 21 February 2020. ​Submission period closed 23 March 2020.
Plan Change 8 – Development Plans​In preparation
Plan Change 9 – Heritage and Character​In preparation
Plan Change 10 – Te Rapa North Deferred Industrial Land​In preparation
Plan Change 11 – Residential Density​Council resolved to no longer progress this plan change at its meeting on 19 March 2020. 

Operative District Plan

After notification of Council’s decisions on PC6 all rules (other than those not subject to submissions that must already be treated as operative) within the plan change will have legal effect (s 86B). Rules with legal effect trigger the need for a resource consent and must be considered by Council in its assessment of applications under s 95 and s 104 of the RMA.

Where an application triggers a rule in both the ODP and PC6, Council must separately assess the application against the ODP rule and the corresponding rule in PC6.

If a proposal is permitted under both ODP and PC6, an application must comply with the most restrictive permitted conditions.
​On-line version by chapter (excludes proposed plan change provisions)PDF by chapter (excluding proposed plan changes)PDF by chapter (including proposed plan changes 6 and 7)​​
Note: Provisions subject to Environment Court Appeals are shaded in blue.
Note: Provisions subject to Environment Court Appeals are shaded in blue.​
​Note: This version identifies the provisions for PC6 that have legal effect. ​
​​Chapter 1 Pla​​​n OverviewDownload PDF 
​​Chapter 2 Strategic Framework  ​​Download PDF​
​​Chapter 3 Structure Plans​​Download PDF Download PDF
Chapter 4 Residential Zones​​Downl​oad PDF​ ​Download PD​F
Chapter 5 Special Character Zones​​Download PDF​ 
Chapter 6 Business 1 to 7 Zones​​Downl​o​ad​ PDF​​​​​ ​Download PDF
Chapter 7 Central City Zone​​Downl​oad PD​F​​ ​Download PDF
Chapter 8 Knowledge Zone ​​​Download PDF 
 ​Chapter 9 Industrial Zone​​Down​load PDF​ Download PDF
Chapter 10 Ruakura Logistics Zone ​​Download PDF 
Chapter 11 Ruakura Industrial Park Zone ​​Download PDF 
Chapter 12 Te Rapa North Industrial Zone​​Downl​oad PDF​ 
Chapter 13 Rototuna Town Centre Zone​​Download PDF 
Chapter 14 Future Urban Zone​​Download PDF 
Chapter 15 Open Space Zones​​Download PDF 
Chapter 16 Community Facilities Zone​​Download PDF 
Chapter 17 Major Facilities Zone​​Down​load PDF 
​​Chapter 18 Transport Corridor Zone​​Download PDF 
​​Chapter 19 Historic Heritage​​Dow​nload PDF
​​Chapter 20 Natural Environments​​Download PDF 
Chapter 21 Waikato River Corridor and Gully Systems​​Download PDF 
​​Chapter 22 Natural Hazards​​Download PDF​​ 
Chapter 23 Subdivision​​Download ​PDF​​​​​Downloa​d PDF
Chapter 24 Financial Contributions​​Download PDF 
Chapter 25 City-wide​​​​Download ​PDF​ Download PDF
     ​25.1 Development Suitability​​Download PDF 
​     25.2 Earthworks and Vegetation Removal​​Down​load PDF​​ ​​​​Download PDF
​     25.3 Events and Temporary Activities​​Download PDF 
​     25.4 Hazardous Facilities​​Download PDF 
​     25.5 Landscaping and Screening​​Download PDF Download PDF
​     25.6 Lighting and Glare​​Dow​nload PDF 
​     25.7 Network Utilities and the Electricity National Grid Corridor​​Download PDF 
​     25.8 Noise and Vibration​​Down​load PDF Download PDF
​     25.9 Public Art​​Download PDF 
​     25.10 Signs​​Download PDF​ 
​     25.11 Smoke, Fumes, Odour and Dust​​Download PDF 
​     25.12 Solid Waste​​Download PDF 
​     25.13 Three Waters​​Download PDFDownload PDF
​     25.14 Transportation​​Downlo​​ad​ PDF​​​​ ​Dow​nload PDF
​     25.15 Urban Design​​Download PDF 
Chapter 26 Designations​​Dow​nload PDF​​​​ 
VOLUME 2​ ​​Contents 
Appendix 1 District Plan AdministrationDown​​load PDF​​​​​ Download PDF​
    ​1.1 Definitions and Terms ​Down​load PDFDownload PDF
     1.2 Information RequirementsDownload PDF​Download PDF
​     1.3 Assessment Criteria​Download PDF​​Download PDF​​​
​     1.4 Design GuidesDownload PDF​Download PDF
​     1.5 Other Methods of Implementation ​Down​load PDF
Appendix 2 Structure Plans​Download PDF​ ​Download PDF
Appendix 3 Residential Zones​Download PDF​ 
Appendix 4 Special Character Zones​Download PDF 
Appendix 5 Central City Zone​Do​wn​load PDF​​​​ ​​
Appendix 6 Industrial ZoneDownload PDF​​ ​​​​
Appendix 7 Rototuna Town Centre ZoneDownload PDF 
Appendix 8 Historic HeritageDownload PDF 
Appendix 9 Natural Environments​Downloa​d PDF 
Appendix 10 Waikato River Corridor and Gully SystemsDownload PDF 
Appendix 11 Natural Hazards​Download PDF 
Appendix 12 Hazardous Facilities​Download PDF 
Appendix 13 Network Utilities and the Electricity National Grid CorridorDownload PDF 
Appendix 14 Noise and VibrationDownload PDF 
Appendix 15 Transportation​Downl​oa​d​ PDF​​​​​​ Download PDF
Appendix 16 Desig​nations​Download PDF 
Appendix 17 Planning MapsDown​l​o​ad P​DF​​​​​​​​​​​
Download PDF

All updates made to the District Plan since it became Operative can be found here.

View the s32 analysis here​ ​(7.6 MB)​

District Plan Review ​- histor​y

For information on the review process  from notification of the Proposed District Plan in December 2012 through submissions and further submissions, hearings and decisions to the resolution of appeals ​ click here. ​

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