Peacocke Sports Park

​​​​​​​​A notice of requirement (NOR) has been lodged by Hamilton City Council to designate approximately 14.5ha of land for a sports park and associated roading in the Peacocke area. 

The subject site has been identified in the Peacocke Structure Plan of the Hamilton City Operative District Plan as Active Recreation.

The NOR has been limited-notified to parties deemed ​to be directly affected by the proposed designation, therefore only those parties may make a submission.

For any submitter queries on the NOR, please email​.​

What's happening now

Commissioner Direction
Commissioner Direction 1 - 17 September 2020
Commissioner Direction 2 - 15 September 2021

Submissions Received​ 

​​Submission Number​Name/Organisation
​1Rex Hannam [428KB]
​2​Director-General of Conservation [380KB]
​3Kevin & Kath​erina Sanders​ [1.1MB]
​4 (Withdrawn)
​The Adare Company Limited 

Submission documents

Locality Plan [610KB]

Notifi​cation Assessment​ [397KB]​

Section 92 Further Information
Information Request


​​Notice of Requirement [36MB]
Appendix 1 - Form 20: Notice of Requirement [105KB] ​
Appendix 2 - Designation Plan [1.3MB]
Appendix 3 - Cer​tificates of Title [135KB]
Appendix 4​ - Concept Plan [2.3MB]
Appendix 5 - Peacocke Active Sports Park Location Assessment [8.3MB]
Appendix 6 - Provision of Sports Parks within the Peacocke​ Structure Plan Area [500KB]
Appendix 7 - Geotechnical Desk Study Report [8.9MB]
Appendix 8 - Preliminary Site Investigation​ [7.5MB]
Appendix 9 - Archaeological Assessment​ [3.4MB]
Appendix 10 - Ecological Assessment [1.8MB]
Appendix 11 - Lighting Assessment [1.9MB]
Appendix 12 - Noise Assessment [2.9MB]
​​Appendix 13 - Integrated Transportation Assessment [3.7MB]
​Appendix 14 - Water Impact Assessment [3.4MB]
Appendix 15 - Cultural Impact Assessment [855KB]
Appendix 16 - National, Regional and District Planning Documents Assessment [401KB]
Appendix 17 - Landowner Written Approvals [11.7MB]
Appendix 18 - s176(1)(b) Approval from Hamilton City Council as Requiring Authority for Designation A106​ [422KB]
Appendix 19 - Suggested Conditions.pdf [162KB]​
For any queries on the NOR, please email​
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