Plan Change 3 - Temple View Boundary Alteration

​​​​Plan Change 3 - Temple View Boundary Alteration was made operative on Thursday 12 December 2019 in accordance with the First Schedule of the RMA. The plan change has been incorporated into the Operative District Plan.

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​​​​The Hearing Panel has issued decisions on Plan Change 3 which were publically notified on 11 September 2019. A copy of the Public Notice can be found here​.​ The Decisions are subject to an appeal period of 30 working days.

Commissioners Decision
Schedule 1: Clean version of Relevant District Plan Chapters
Schedule 2: Track change version of Relevant District Plan Chapters​​
Decision Correction 11 September 2019


Temple View is located on the western side of Hamilton's urban boundary, south-west of the suburb of Dinsdale.  

Temple View was transferred from Waipa District Council to Hamilton City Council in 2004 and included land surrounding the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Temple and most of the area occupied by the former Church College. However, approximately 14ha of the Church College campus remained under Waipa District Council’s jurisdiction. The 14 hectares is identified on the Locality Plan.

In accordance with the RMA, Hamilton City Council is required to undertake a change to its district plan to ensure the newly acquired land is managed in accordance with its planning framework. The purpose of Plan Change 3 is to align the zoning of the 14 hectares with the existing Temple View zone that is already applied to the rest of the former Church College site.


The Plan Change 3 Hearing was held on Thursday 20 June 2019. The Hearing was adjourned and the Hearing Panel has issued the following  written Directions​ for the Right of Reply:

Direction 1​ - 21 June 2019 
Direction 2 - 11 July 2019
Hamilton City Council Response - 12 July 2019
Right of Reply - Chapter 5 - July 2019 [3.8MB]
Right of Reply - Chapter 23 - July 2019 [2.3MB]
Right of Reply - Chapter 25 - Rule 25.14 - July 2019 [2.3MB]
Right of Reply - Appendix and - July 2019 [13.85MB]

Direction 3​ - 7 August 2019
Hamilton City Council Response - 14 August 2019
Right of Reply - Chapter 5 - August 2019 [3.8MB]
Hamilton City Council Right of Reply​​ - August 2019

Staff prepared a s42A Report​, which was made available five days before the hearing [32MB].

The following evidence was presented at the hearing:

Submissions received

Submissions on Plan Change 3 ran from 27 February to 29 March 2019 and 8 submissions were received , accounting for 30 submission points. 

The Council prepared and made available to the public a summary of submissions​ to Proposed Plan Change 3 and called for further submissions, which closed on 10 May 2019.​ One further submission was received.

​Submissions​​ received

Click on the names in the table below to read a full copy of each submission

Submission Number​​Name / Organisation name
​1​David Walmsley​
​2Patrica Pickin
​3Meshweyla Macdonald
​4​The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Trust Board
​5​Crystal Mann
​6Fay & Mark Bell
​7NZ Transport Agency
Late Submission ​
​8Waikato Regional Council​​
Further Submission​​ ​
​​FS01The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Trust Board​​

Section 32

The full evaluation of the proposed plan change, the evaluation of issues, alternatives considered, benefits and costs, and the reasons for the chosen option, along with provisions undertaken in accordance with Section 32 of the RMA is contained in Appendix 2

The evaluation of the proposed rules and methods, and the proposed minor amendments to the existing policies address the following resource management issues:

  • Council's obligations under Section 81 of the RMA to make changes to the Hamilton City Operative District Plan to cover the 14 hectares that came into Hamilton City Council's jurisdiction in 2014 .
  • The potential that existing provisions applying to "development plans" in the Temple View zone may be in conflict with the principles outlined in decisions of the Environment Court.
  • The identification of the accurate boundary for the Significant Natural Area ('SNA') within the Temple View Zone.
  • The notation of the 'community focal point' to ensure the referencing in the rules aligns with mapping within the District Plan.
  • Minor amendments to rules and methods to ensure up-to-date and accurate plan administration.

The proposed plan change does not introduce any new objectives.  There are proposed amendments to existing policies; however, they are considered to be minor and therefore of a very low scale and significance.  The key amendments are essentially confined to rules and methods specific to the Temple View zone and do not impact on the strategic framework of the District Plan or impact city-wide provisions. ​

Proposed Amendments to the District Plan

The proposed options set out each of the resource management issues being addressed through the plan change.  All options have been fully considered and evaluated in accordance with Section 32 of the RMA and the analysis and rationale for selecting each option to address the resource management issue is set out in the Assessment of options.  ​

Planning Provisions modified by Plan Change 3: Temple View Boundary Alteration.


The consultation undertaken with stakeholders and statutory bodies is set out in Appendix 8.4 of the Section 32 report.  A full consultation programme was undertaken during the forming of options and determining the preferred option.  In addition to the consultation, the Section 32 evaluation was reviewed in accordance with section 324(A) by Waikato Tainui, the Iwi Authority (Appendix 8.6 of the Section 32 report).

​​Statutory Assessment

All matters to be addressed via the plan change have been considered against all the relevant provisions set out under the Resource Management Act ('RMA'), relevant National Policy Statements ('NPS'), Waikato Regional Policy Statement ('WRPS') and the Waikato Tainui Environmental Plan.  The outcome of those assessments is set out in the Section 32 report.  


This plan change is the final stage in the overall process of a boundary alteration in accordance with the Local Government Act and the Resource Management Act. ​



For any questions relating to the Temple View Boundary Alteration Plan Change, please contact us on or City Planning on 07 838 6810​

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