Plan Change 7 – Rotokauri North Private Plan Change

​​​​​​​​Hamilton City Council limited notified Plan Change 7 – Rotokauri North Private Plan Change on 21 February 2020 for submissions. Submissions close at 4:30pm on 23 March 2020

What does Plan Change 7 cover?

The private plan change applies to approximately 140ha of land in Hamilton's north west, at the northern end of the Rotokauri Structure Plan. The land is currently zoned Future Urban and seeks to enable urban development.

The key elements of the plan change include:

  • An approximately 137ha Medium Density Residential zone. This could enable up to 2000 residential units comprising a mixture of single dwellings, duplex dwellings, terraced houses and ancillary dwellings.
  • Approximately 1 hectare of Business 6 zone for the development of a Neighbourhood Centre, which could include small neighbourhood shops, cafes, or other similar activities.
  • The existing Significant Natural Area will be retained (approximately 1.2 hectares).

Where are we now?

The plan change has been limited notified to directly affected parties, only those parties may make a submission on the plan change. ​

Want to know more?

Limited notification closed on 23 March 2020. Submissions recieved can be viewed by clicking on the links in the table below. 

​​Submission Number​Submitter Name
​1​​Gary Martin & Maree Leet
​2Brian & Eleanor Robertson
​3​Ministry of Education 
​4Sung Ho Jung & HA Rim Jung
​5​​Phillip Laird
​6Chris Laird
​7Lance & Karen Managh
​8Tina & Simon Warnock
​9Dennis Dove & Diane Godden
​10Arie & Batami Pundak
​11Miranda Collinson
​12Rob & Barbara Barris
​13​NZ Transport Agency 
​14Jennifer Mc Kenzie & Ewen Drysdale
​​15Rotokauri North Tangata Whenua Working Group
​16Peter & Kerry Santner
​17Jianfeng Zhou
​18Qiong Yang
​19Lily Investments 372 Exelby Rd
​20Lily Investments 265
​21Green Seed Holdings Limited 350 Exelby Road
​22Green Seed Holdings Limited 335 Te Kowhai Road
​23River Garden NZ Ltd
​24​Charles Ma 329 Te Kowhai Road
​25Kay & Mark Moroney
​26Tania Browning
​27Judith Browning
​28Ann Harvey
​29Shane and Antonia Withey
​30Nilesh Kumar & Raksha Singh
​31Shane & Virginia Henderson
​32Peter & Christine Frampton
​33Bruce & Robyn Whittaker
​34Richard Ruske
​35Green Seed Consultants Limited 
​36Bo Ram Yu
​37David and Cathy Dewes 
​38Callum & Catherine Thorley
​39Gerard Guzzo
​40Peter and Julie Carddingan
​41Josh & Michaela Gill
​42Stuart Barris
​43K E Benson 
​44Jo Stirling 
​45Glenn Stirling
​46Julie Caddigan
​47Meena Powell
​48Steven Powell 
​49Juanita Martin
​50Jo Austin
​51Noelle Bryant
​52Zachary Pulman-Gaby
​53Lisa Pullman
​54Julie Caddigan
​55Susan Rothery
​56Paul Rothery
57Natalie & Dion Ward-Allen
​58Jennifer McKenzie
​59Ewen Drysdale
​60Barry Heerdegen
​61Dianne Heerdegen
​62Rebecca Miles
​63Pae Henry
​64Hiipora (Sybil) Nelson
​65Jo & Chris Miles
​66Lana Miles
​67Jane & Dave Sole
​68Martin & Amanda Verhoeven
​69Murray & Sharyn Stewart
​70Larissa Underhill
​71Shane Cowling
​72Kaya MacMillan
​73Stuart & Sue McFarlane
74Keith & Jennifer Patterson
75​E Robertson, J Marsh & J Patterson
76​Douglas & Jillian Marsh
77Hamish & Claire Marsh
Late Submissions​ ​
78Lorrain​e van Asbeck​
​79Te Whakakitenga o W​aikato Incorporated​
​​80Waikato Regiona​l Council

Note: The original​ submission numbering has been amended (23 Sept 2020). 

The application document and the proposed changes to the District Plan provisions can be viewed by clicking the links in the table below. 

​​​​​Private Plan Change Request and AEE [2MB]
Attachment 1 - Acronym Table [54KB]
​Attachment 2 - Locality Diagrams [2MB]
Attachment 3 - CT's [9.2MB]
​Attachment 4 - District Plan Provisions​ (amendments are shown in Blue as track changes)​ ​
Chapte​r 3 - St​ructure Plans [3.4MB]
​​ ​Chapter 4 - Residential [2MB]
​ ​​Chapter 23 - Subdivision [557KB]
​ ​Chapter 25 - City Wide [2.8MB]
​ ​​Appendix 1 - District Plan Administration [11.2MB]
​ ​Appendix 2 - Structure Plans [9.1MB]
​ ​​​Appendix 9 - Natural Environments [660KB]
​ ​​​Appendix 15 - Transportation​ [7.8MB]​
​ ​​​Appendix 17 - Planning Maps​ [15.4MB]
​ ​Attachment 5 - Section 32 Assessment [728KB]
​ ​Attachment 6 - Archaeological Assessment [1.2MB]
​ ​​Attachment 7 - Geotechnical Assessment​ [2.5MB]
​ ​Attachment 8 - Contamination Assessment [5MB]
​Attachment 9 - ICMP Assessment [3MB]
​ ​​​Attachment A - Rotokauri North Catchment Stormwater Modelling Report [8MB]
​ ​​Attachment B - Flood Impact Assessment Memorandum [9.3MB]
​ ​​​Attachment C​ - Stream Classifications [2.1MB]
​ ​​​Attachment D - Receiving Environment & Rapid Erosion [9.4MB]
​ ​​​Attachment E - Archaeology​ [1.2MB]
​ ​​​Attachment F - Geotechnical [7.5MB]
​ ​​​Attachment G - Geotechnical(2) [450KB]
​ ​Attachment H - Contamination [5MB]
​ ​​​Attachment I - Groundwater [413KB]
​ ​​​Attachment J - Stormwater MUSIC Modelling [16.2MB]
​ ​​​Attachment K - Water and Wastewater Servicing [4.5MB]​
​ ​​​Attachment L - Catchment Modelling Report​ [4.6MB]
​ ​Attachment 10 - Groundwater Assessment​​ [413KB]
​Attachment 11 - Stream Classification​​​​​​​​​​​ [2.1MB]
​Attachment 12 - Receiving Environment and Rapid Erosion Assessment [9.4MB]
​ ​Attachment 13 - Integrated Transport Assessment [3MB]
​Attachment 14 - Economic Assessment​ [1.5MB]
​Attachment 15 - Urban Design Assessment [11.2MB]
​ ​Attachment 16 - Infrastructure Report [9.5MB]
​Attachment 17 - Landscape and Visual Effects Assessment [4.7MB]
​Attachment 18 - Cultural Impact Assessment [7.3MB]
​Attachment 19 - Summary of Consultation [544KB]
​ ​Attachment 20 - Legal Advice [6.5MB]
​Attachment 21 - Notification Assessment​ [1.3MB]​

Information Sheet​ - Making a Submission on a Limited Notified Plan Change ​[107KB]​

For further information or a copy of the submission form, please contact us on, or 07 838 6699 (ask for City Planning Unit).​​​

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