Plan Change 2 – Te Awa Lakes Private Plan Change

​​​​Plan Change 2 - Te Awa Lakes was made operative on Friday 2 October 2020 in accordance with the First Schedule of the RMA. The plan change has been incorporated into the Operative District Plan.

Council Seal


Hamilton City Council notified Proposed Plan Change 2-Te Awa Lakes Private Plan Change on 1 November 2017 for public consultation and submissions.

The private plan change applies to a 62ha block of land north of Hutchinson Road, between the Waikato Expressway and the Waikato River. The land is currently located within the Te Rapa North Industrial Zone.

Key elements of the plan change include:

  • A Major Facilities Zone with a visitor accommodation area to enable the establishment of a tourism and recreation destination incorporating an Adventure Park.
  • A Medium Density Residential Zone which will enable the construction of a mix of single dwellings, duplexes and apartments.
  • A Business Zone which will enable small neighbourhood shops, restaurants, cafes, licensed premises, small offices, banks, doctors rooms, light service industries and tourism facilities. This zone will also enable the opportunity for upper floor apartments.


For any questions relating to the Te Awa Lakes Plan Change, please contact us on ​


The Appeals to Plan Change 2 - Te Awa Lakes Private Plan Change have been resolved by Environment Court Consent Order​ dated 3 Septemb​er 2020.

Two appeals were ​received​ to the Decision on Private Plan Change 2. ​

​​​​​​Appellant​​​Environment Court reference number​​Section 274 notices
​​AFFCO New Zealand Limited​ [267KB]
​ENV-2020-0000038Fonterra Limited
​​Future Proof
Ports of Auckland
​Fonterra Limited [1.7MB]​ENV-2020-0000043​Contact Energy
​New Zealand Transport Agency
​Future Proof
Ports of Auckland
​AFFCO NZ Ltd & Fonterra Ltd​ENV-2020-0000038 & ​
Habitat for Humanity
Hamilton & Waikato Tourism
​Swimming Waikato
​​K'aute Pasifka
​​​Te Awa River Ride Charitable Trust
Waikat​o Tainui ​​
Tangata Whenua Working Group


​​​​The Hearing Panel has issued decisions on Private Plan Change 2 which were notified on 13 March 2020.​ The Decisions are subject to an appeal period of 30 working days.​ 

​​​Commissioners Decision​​ [2.3MB]
District Plan Chapters Decision Version
​​Appendix 1 - District Plan Administration [1.76MB]
Chapter 3 - Structure Plans [1MB]
Chapter 4 - Residential Zones [2.2MB]
Chapter 6 - Business 1 to 7 Zones [1.9MB]
​Chapter 12 - Te Rapa North Industrial Zone [1.6MB]
Chapter 17 - Major Facilities Zone [1.14MB]
Chapter 23 - Subdivision [1.4MB]
Chapter 25 - Citywide, Noise & Vibration, and Signs [1.5MB]
District Plan Chapters Notified and Decisions Version
​​Appendix 1 - District Plan Administration [1.9MB]
​​Chapter 3 - Structure Plans [1.3MB]
​Chapter 4 - Residential Zones [2.3MB]
Chapter 6 - Business 1 to 7 Zones [2.12MB]
​​Chapter 12 - Te Rapa North Industrial Zone [1.3MB]
​​Chapter 17 - Major Facilities Zone [1.15MB]
​​Chapter 23 - Subdivision [1.4MB]
​Chapter 25 - Citywide, Noise & Vibration, and Signs [1.7MB]​

Hearing Evidence 

Hearing Schedule

​​​Day 7 - 4 December 2019

Day 7 Audio Recording log​ [150KB]
Te Awa Lakes Hearing Audio Recording 1 - 4/12/2019 @​ 9:01-10:53 (01:53:27) [mp3]
Te Awa Lakes Hearing Audio Recording 2 - 4/12/2019 @​ 11:13-12:49 (01:36:10) [mp3]
​Te Awa Lakes Hearing Audio Recording 3 - 4/12/2019 @​ 13:31-15:02 (01:36:17) [mp3]
Hearing Schedule​ [411KB]
​Tabled Memorandum of Counsel on behalf of Fonterra [135KB]
Applicant Statement of Reply by Peter Russell [844KB]
Applicant Peter Russell presentation [752KB]
Submitter Summary of Evidence by Darion Embling on behalf of Waikato Regional Council [78KB]
Submitter Statement of Evidence by Daniel Forbes on behalf of Contact Energy [144KB]
Submitter Statement of Evidence of Russell Alexander - Hobbi​ton Movie Set [102KB]
​Submitter Presentation - Te Awa River Ride - Sarah Ulmer [5.72MB]
Submitter Statement of Evidence by Nic Greene on behalf of Habitat for Humanity [178KB]
​Submitter Presentation by Nick Andreef on behalf of Waitomo Adventures [878KB]
Submitter Presentation ​by Jason Dawson on behalf of Hamilton & Waikato Tourism [1.8MB]
​Statement of Rebuttal Evidence of Luke O'Dwyer - Strategic Land Use Planning [2.5MB]
​Applicant Presentation by John Olliver - Updated Plan Change [626KB]
​Applicant covering letter and updated Plan Change [6.85MB]
​Closing Legal Submissions of Counsel for Hamilton City Council [1.52MB]
​Closing Statement of 42A Reporting Planner Grant Eccles [305KB]
Applicant Statement of Reply of Counsel by Derek Nolan [702KB]​

​​Day 6 - 3 December 2019​

Day 6 Audio Recording log [97KB]
Te Awa Lakes Hearing Audio Recording - 3/12/2019 @​ 9:00-10:35 (01:35:41) [mp3]
Hearing Schedule [370KB]
Applicant Statement of Reply by James Bell-Booth - Acoustic [4.12MB]
Dr Caroline Philips - Archaeology [361KB]
​Applicant Statement of Reply by Steven Pearce - Air Quality [328KB]
Applicant Statement of Evidence by John McKensey - Lighting [20KB]
​Applicant Statement of Reply by John McK​ensey - Lighting [34KB]
​Applicant tabled ​Waikato Regional Pest Management Plan 2014-2024 [18.3MB]

​​​Day 5 - 2 December 2019

​Day 5 Audio Recording log [116KB]
Te Awa Lakes Hearing Audio Recording 1 - 2/12/2019 @ 10:00-12:03 (02:02:38) [mp3]
​Te Awa Lakes Hearing Audio Recording 2 - 2/12/2019 @ 12:46-14:53 (02:06:51) [mp3]
​Te Awa Lakes Hearing Audio Recording 3​ - 2/12/2019 @ 15:12-16:11 (00:59:18) [mp3]
Hearing Schedule [429KB]​
​Submitter Legal Submission on behalf of Waikato Regional Council [332KB]
Submitter Legal Submission on behalf of NZ Transport Agency [554KB]
​Submitter Statement of Evidence of Blair Keenan ​on behalf of Waikato Regional Council [410K​B]
​Submitter Statement of supplementary Evidence on behalf of NZ Transport Agency and WRC [990KB]
​​Submitter Statement of Evidence of Andrew Wilson on behalf of Waikato Regional Council [668KB]
​​Submitter Joint Statement of Evidence on behalf of Fonterra &  Ports of Auckland [165KB]
​Applicant Statement of reply by Mark Apeldoorn - Transport [4.84MB]
​Applicant Statement of reply by Bronwyn Rhynd - Stormwater and Water Quality [31KB]
​​Applicant Statement of reply by Keith Hamill - Water Quality [31KB]

Day 4 - 28 November 2019

Day 4 Audio Recording log [97KB]
Te Awa Lakes Hearing Audio Recording 1 - 28/11/2019 @ 09:06-10:54 (01:48:34) [mp3]
​​Te Awa Lakes Hearing Audio Recording 2 - 28/11/2019 @ 11:11-11:50 (00:38:39) [mp3]
Hearing Schedule [374 KB] 
Applicant Kori Lentfer Presentation [6MB]
Applicant Joint Statement Kori Lentfer & David Morton [113KB]
HCC Ann Williams Statement of Evidence [280KB]
Joint Applicant & HCC John Olliver & Grant Eccles [642KB]
Applicant Joint Statement Kori Lentfer & Bernie Milne [91KB]
Applicant Andrew Millard Statement in Reply [36KB]
Applicant Christopher Udale Statement of Reply Evidence [39KB]
HCC Hamish Anderson Update for s42A reply​​ [32KB]

​​Day 3 - 27 November 2019

Audio Recordings Log [104KB]
​Te Awa Lakes Hearing ​Audio Recording 1 - 27/11/2019 @ 09:01-09:53hrs (00:54:05)​ [mp3]
Te Awa Lakes Hearing ​Audio Recording 2 - 27/11/2019 @ 10:31-12:41hrs (02:10:50)​ [mp3]
Te Awa Lakes Hearing ​Audio Recording 3 - 27/11/2019 @ 13:29-14:29hrs (00:59:35)​​ [mp3]
Hearing Schedule [441KB]
​​S​ubmitter Statement of Evidence by Paula Rolfe [21.2KB]​
Submitter Legal Submissions on behalf of Fonterra [244KB]
Submitter Economics Statement of Evidence on behalf of Fonterra [78.5KB]
Submitter Urban Design, Landscape & Visual Statement of Evidence on behalf of Fonterra [30.3KB]
Submitter Planning Statement of Evidence on behalf of Fonterra [73.9KB]
​​​Consent Compliance Report [162KB]
Submitter Legal Submissions on behalf of Ports of Auckland​ [103KB] 

​Day 2 - 26 November 2019

Audio Recording Log [106KB]
​Te Awa Lakes Hearing Audio Recording 1 - 26/11/2019 @ 09:08-10:11 (01:03:09) [mp3]
​​Te Awa Lakes Hearing Audio Recording 2 - 26/11/2019 @ 10:30-12:21 (01:51:10) [mp3]
​​Te Awa Lakes Hearing Audio Recording 3 - 26/11/2019 @ 14:21-15:32 (01:10:50) [mp3]
​​Te Awa Lakes Hearing Audio Recording 4 - 26/11/2019 @ 15:42-16:27 (00:45:07) [mp3]
​Hearing Schedule​ [373KB]
Waikato Tainui ​Statement of Evidence by Wikitoria Tane [208KB]
Applicant Economics Statement of Evidence by John Polkinghorne [758KB]  
Applicant Economics Statement of Evidence by James Fairgray [5​96KB]
​​Applicant Planning Statement of Evidence by John Olliver​ [​971KB]​​​

​Day 1 - 25 November 2019

Audio Recordings Log [95.9KB]
Te Awa Lakes Hearing ​Audio Recording 1 - 25/11/2019 @ 10:00-12:24hrs (02:23:02)​ [mp3]
​Te Awa Lakes Hearing Audio Recording 2 - 25/11/2019 @ 13:29-14:51hrs (01:22:18) [mp3]
​​Te Awa Lakes Hearing Audio Recording 3 - 25/11/2019 @ 15:02-15:44hrs (00:42:16)​ [mp3]
Hearing Schedule [391KB]
Section 42A Report Update by Grant Eccles [314KB]
Applicant's Opening ​Legal Submissions by Derek Nolan​ [980KB]
Applicant's Corporate Presentation by Simon Perry [637KB]
Applicant's Corporate Statement of Evidence by Lale Ieremia [848KB]
Applicant's Urban Design Statement of Evidence by Jonathan Broekhuysen [3MB]
Applicant's Presentation by Jonathan Broekhuysen​ [5MB]
Applicant's Landscape & Visual Statement of Evidence by Rachel de Lambert ​[282KB]​

​​Submitters' Evidence

Fonterra - Brigid Buckley [393KB]
​Fonterra - Brad Coombs [6.3MB]
​Fonterra - Dave Smith [6MB]
Fonterra - Mark Chrisp [1MB]
​Fonterra - Michael Martin [1.6MB]
​​Fonterra - Mike Copeland [2.3MB]​
​​Future Proof - Ken Tremaine [262K​B]
Hamilton City Council - Paula Rolfe​​​ [22.7MB]
NZ Transport Agency & Waikato Regional Council - Catherine Heppelthwaite [419KB]
​NZ Transport Agency - Robert Swears [1.34MB]
Open Country Dairy Limited - Plan Change [142KB]
Open Country Dairy Limited - SHA [179KB]​
Ports of Auckland Limited - Mark Arbuthnot [461KB]
Ports of Auckland Limited - Mark Arbuthnot - updated​ [440KB]
Ports of Auckland Limited - Dave Smith [197KB]
Waikato Regional Council - Andrew Wilson [507KB]
​​Waikato Regional Council - Blair Keenan [124KB]
Waikato Regional Council - Darion Embling [1.4MB]​

​​​Applicants'​​ Evidence

Andrew Millard - Quantity Surveying [​116KB]
​Bronwyn Rhynd - Stormwater [1.5MB]
Caroline Phillips - Archaeology [2.7MB]
Chad Croft - Ecology [102KB]
Doug Fairgray - Economics [3.6MB]
James Bell Booth - Acoustic [14MB]
John Mckensey - Lighting [132KB]
John Olliver - Planning and plan provisions [74MB]
​John Polkinghorne - Economics [538KB]
​Jonathan Broekhuysen - Urban Design [15MB]
​Keith Hamill - Water Quality [1.2MB]
​Kori Lentfer - Geotechnical [7MB]
Kori Lentfer and Bernie Milne - Industrial Feasibility [165KB]
​Lale Ieremia - Corporate [1.85MB]
​Mark Apeldoorn - Traffic [16.2MB]
Martin Udale - Industrial Feasibility [14.6MB]
​Neill Raynor - Water and Wastewater [167KB]
Norm Hill - Cultural [81KB]
Peter Russell - Biosecurity [126KB]
Rachel de Lambert - Landscape and Visual [2.5MB]
​Ray Mayor - Contamination [66KB]
​Simon Perry - Corporate [1.6MB]
Steve Pearce - Air Quality​ [587KB]

Section 42A Hearing Report

​​Section 42A Hearing Report
​Appendix A- Analysis and Recommendation Tables
Appendix B- Summary of Submissions and Further Submissions
​Appendix C- Tracked Change Amendment Versions
Appendix D- Section 32AA Evaluation Report
Appendix E- Joint Witness Statements
Appendix F- Expert Evidence
​Appendix G- Submissions and Further Submissions
​Appendix H- Waikato Regional Policy Statement Assessment​​

Joint Witness Statements

​​​​​Joint Witness Statement - Geotechnical ​[3.1MB]​
​Joint Witness Statement - Tr​an​sportation ​ [4MB]​
Joint Witness Statement - Biosecurity​ [2.3MB]​
Joint Witness Statem​ent - Acoustics [2.3MB]
Joint Witness Stateme​nt Three Waters and Water Quality [2.4MB]
Joint Witness Statement Urban Design & Landscape [2.1MB]​
​Joint Witness Statement Development Feasibility​ [1.1MB]​
​Joint Witness Statement Economic/Strategic [5.2MB]​​
​Joint Witness Statement Planning Witnesses ​[2.5MB]​

Joint Memorandum of Counsel for Applicant and HCC​ - 16 October 2019​

Updated Application  21 August 2019

​Te Awa Lakes Assessment of Environmental Effects​ [2.4MB]
​​​​Schedule One Provisions [141MB]
​Appendix 1: Urban Design Figures [65MB]
Appendix 2: Urban Design Statement [1.6MB]
​Appendix 3:
- Part A Subcatchment ICMP [15MB]
- Part B Stormwater Management Plan [14MB]
Appendix 4: Integrated Transport Assessment [32MB]
Appendix 5: Landscape Assessment [37.5MB]
Appendix 6: Assessment of Economic Effects [2.2MB]
​Appendix 7: Acoustic Assessment [4MB]
Appendix 8: Geotechnical Summary Report [58MB]
​Appendix 9: Assessment of Ecological Effects [3MB]
Appendix 10: Archaeological Assessment​ [6MB]
Appendix 11: Environmental Site Investigation [42MB]
​Appendix 12: Certificates of Title [62MB]
​Appendix 13: Schedule of Existing Consents [34MB]
​Appendix 14: Consultation Notes [5MB]
​Appendix 15: Report on Tangata Whenua Consultation [622KB]
Appendix 16: Lighting Assessment [428KB]
Appendix 17: Odour Assessment [1.3MB]
Appendix 18: Water Quality Technical Review [695KB]
​Appendix 19: Industrial Development Viability Assessment [27.6MB]
​Appendix 20:
Stage 1 Economic Assessment
Stage 2 Economic Assessment
Appendix 21: Response to BERL prepared by Castalia [2.5MB]
Appendix 22: Lake Water Quality Assessment and Design Approach [1.7MB]
Appendix 23: Alligator Weed Management [7.5MB]
​Appendix 24: Stormwater Infrastructure Assessment​​ [231KB]

Commissioner Directions

A copy of the commissioner directions can be read by clicking on the below links:

Commissioner Direction 1 - 15 February 2018
Commissioner Direction 2 - 27 April 2018
Commissioner Direction 3- 1 June 2018
Commissioner Direction 4- 26 August 2018
Commissioner Direction 5-17 May 2019
Commissioner Direction 6- 30 June 2019
Commissioner Direction 7​- 1 August 2019​​
Commiss​ioner Direction 2​ Sec41C RMA - 16 September 2019
Commissioner Direction 8 - 17 October 2019
Commissioner Direct​ion 9​ - 24 October 2019​
Commissioner Directio​n 3 Sec41C RMA - 1 November 2019​
Commissioner Dir​ection 10 - 12 November 2019

For questions relating to the commissioners direction contact the Hearing Administrator Steve Rice:

Summary of Submissions

Submissions on Proposed Plan Change 2-Te Awa Lakes Private Plan Change closed on 29 November 2017. Council received 62 submissions, which account for 249 submission points. You can read the submissions received by clicking on the submitters name in the below table. The summary of submissions can be read by clinking on the below link:

Summary of Submissions

The further submission period ran from 15 December 2017 to 2 February 2018. You can read the further submissions received here.

Submissions received

Click on the names in the below table to read a full copy of each submission

​Name/ Organisation name​Submission Number
Affco New Zealand Ltd​31
​Aflex Technology (NZ) Ltd​36
Andrew Yeoman​4
Anne Edgecombe​58
Ariona Ieremia​60
Arthur Mellsop​56
Birch Holdings Ltd​16
Brian Perry Charitable Trust​14
Brownie Investments- Colette Brown​6
Brownie Investments- Vanessa Gibson​1
BTW Company ​54
​Carla Parry​12
​Carolyn Hopa​50
Christine Corfe-Tan​61
Contact Energy Ltd​51
Dhiraj Koli​2
Fonterra Ltd​46
Future Proof
Future Proof Submission Update- 3 September 2018
Geoff Wilson​5
​Habitat for Humanity​22
Hamilton and Waikato Tourism​48
Hamilton Central Rotary​8
Hamilton City Council​47
Hampton Downs Motorsport Park​39
Ian Schultz ​9
Karen Singers​35
K'Aute Pasifika Trust-Kim Holt​25
K'Aute Pasifika Trust-Rachel Karalus​30
​Kenneth Williamson​57
​Marina McMahon-Ieremia​59
MH Builders​15
Mike McCleery​3
Submission withdrawn ​20
New Zealand Transport Agency​45
Ngaruawahia Community Board​18
​Ngati Haua Iwi Trust​26
Open Country Dairy​19
Peregrine Developments Ltd​24
Perry Outdoor Education Trust​34
​Peter O'Regan​49
Planning and Construction Consulting​28
Ports of Auckland Ltd​52
Rob Hamill​32
SC & AJ Hodgkinson​37
Sport Waikato Education Trust​55
​Steve Gordon​40
Swimming Waikato​38
Swimming Waikato​42
Tainui Waka Tourism Incorporated​11
Te Awa River Ride Charitable Trust​13
​Te Papaorotu Marae​53
Turangawaewae Trust Board​7
Waikato Chamber of Commerce​10
Waikato DHB​43
Waikato District Council​17
Waikato Regional Council​41
​Waikato River Explorer​21
Waikato Tainui​44
​Waitomo Adventures Ltd​27
​WEL Networks​33
​Late Submission ​
Hobbiton Movie Set​62

If you wish to view any above submission without a link please contact 

Further Submissions Received

Click on the names in the below table to read a copy of each further submission

​Name/ Organisation nameFurther Submitter Number​
Submission withdrawn​1
​Waikato Regional Council​2
Fonterra Ltd​3
Open Country Dairy Ltd​5

How to read the plan change

The easiest way of reading the plan change is by downloading the Te Awa Lakes Private Plan Change (Volumes 1 and 2).

In addition to the documents below, the Te Awa Lakes Private Plan Change has been integrated into the relevant chapters of the Operative District Plan as tracked changes. These changes have no legal effect until decisions on the plan change are notified.

​Proposed Plan Change 2: Te Awa Lakes Private Plan Change
Volume 1​
Proposed Plan Change​ (3.39 MB)
Schedule One: Amendments to Operative District Plan
- Chapter 3 Structure Plans (868 KB)
- Chapter 4 Residential Zones (1.52 MB)
- Chapter 6 Business Zones (1.12 MB)
- Chapter 12 Te Rapa North Industrial Zone (839 KB)
- Chapter 17 Major Facilities Zone (844 KB)
- Chapter 23 Subdivision (852 KB)
- Chapter 25.8 Noise and Vibration (783 KB)
- Chapter 25.10 Signs (790 KB)
- Appendix 1.2 Information Requirements (657 KB)
- Appendix 1.3 Assessment Criteria (669 KB)
- Appendix 2 Structure Plans (941 KB)
- Appendix 17 Planning Maps (7.83 MB)
Appendix 1: Urban Design Figures (61.9 MB)
Appendix 2: Urban Design Statement (1.6 MB)
​Appendix 3:
- Subcatchment Integrated Catchment Management Plan (14.6 MB)
- Stormwater Management Plan (10.5 MB)
Appendix 4: Integrated Transportation Assessment (28.8 MB)
Appendix 5: Landscape and Visual Effects Assessment (36.7 MB)
Appendix 6: Assessment of Economic Effects (2.33 MB)
Appendix 7: Acoustic Report (3.83 MB)
Volume 2
Appendix 8: Geotechnical Summary (37.7MB)
Appendix 9: Assessment of Ecological Effects (2.99MB)
Appendix 10: Archaeological Assessment (5.8 MB)
Appendix 11: Environmental Site Investigation (41 MB)
Appendix 12: Certificates of Title (60.8MB)
​Appendix 13: Copies of Existing Resource Consents (33MB)
Appendix 14: Consultation Notes (3.82 MB)
​Appendix 15: Report on Tangata Whenua Consultation
- Part A (621 KB)
- Part B (1.02 MB)
Appendix 16: Lighting Assessment (427 KB)
Appendix 17: Odour Assessment (321 KB)
Appendix 18: Water Quality Technical Review (694 KB)


​ ​​​​

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