Rotokauri Greenway Corridor

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A notice of requirement (NOR) has been lodged by Hamilton City Council (HCC) to designate land for the construction and operation of a stormwater swale corridor, which w​ill be the principal stormwater management and drainage channel in the Rotokauri area. The land, which is largely within HCC's jurisdiction, with a small portion within Waikato District, is subject to two separate NORs. The project is known as the "Rotokauri Greenway”.

The Rotokauri Greenway​ NOR is located on the north-western outskirts of Hamilton. It follows an existing farm drain known as the Rotokauri Drain, which is the main outlet for the Rotokauri catchment. It runs from Lake Waiwhakareke in the south to Lake Rotokauri in the north-west. 

The NOR has been limited-notified to parties deemed ​to be directly affected by the proposed designation, therefore only those parties may make a submission.

For any submitter queries on the Waikato District NOR, please email
For any submitter queries on the Hamilton City NOR, please email​.

What's happening now?

A hearing was held on the 17 February to 19 February 2020​ and was formally closed on the 3 March 2020.​​ The Requiring Authority has now confirmed designation and no appeals were recieved.​ The NOR has now been included in the Hamilton City Operative District Plan as Designation A114.​

​Hearing ​

Closing Legal Submissions for the Requiring Authority (338KB)
Attachment 1 - Final proposed ​designation conditions (330KB)

Submitter - Noel Smith - Statement for Hearings Panel (73KB)
Submitter - Charlotte Muggeridge on Behalf of Sheryl and Murray Gower - Speaking Submissio​n (1.9MB)
Submitter - T Wilson on behalf of WRC and WDC - Supplementary Evidence (151KB)

Section 42A Addendum (746KB)
Appendix A - Reporting Team Conditions (232KB)
Appendix B - Technical Specialist Report - Geotechnical (218KB)
Appendix C - Addendum to Technical Specialist Report - Geotechnical ​(129KB)
Appendix D - Addendum to Technical Specialist Report - Ecology (141KB)
Appendix E - Addendum to Technical Specialist Report - Archaeology (324KB)
Appendix F - Addendum to Technical Specialist Report - Contaminated Land and Air Quality (68KB)
Appendix G - Statement on Landscape, Visual and Urban Design recommended Conditions​ (55KB)​

Supplementary Conditions set proposed by Requiring Authority (243KB)

Requiring Authority Opening Legal Submission (448KB)
Witness Statement - Lance Haycock​ (175KB)​
Supplementary Statement of Evidence - Craig Sharman​ (545KB)
Supplementary Statement of Evidence - Dean Miller (1.1MB)
Supplementary Statement ​of Evidence - Roger Seyb (1.94MB)​

Hearing Site Visit Map (243KB)​

Submitters Evidence​

​​Submitter Number​Submitter Name​Evidence
​12 ​​NZ Transport Agency ​​Statement of Corporate Evidence of Michael Wood for NZTA (240KB)
Statement of (tabled) Evidence of James Finlan for NZTA - Geotechnical​ (109KB)
​​13 ​
​​​​Hounsell Holdings Ltd  ​​Rotokauri Farms NO.1  ​Rotokauri Farms NO.3 
​Rotokauri Development Ltd
​​Statement of Evidence of Fraser McNutt – Planning ​on behalf of Hounsell Holding Ltd, Rotokauri Farming No.1, Rotokauri Farming No.3 & Rotokauri Development Ltd (12.5MB)

Statement of Evidence of Richard Montgomerie - Ecology on behalf of Hounsell Holding Ltd, Rotokauri Farming No.1, Rotokauri Farming No.3 & Rotokauri Development Ltd (233KB)
​​​13 ​
​Hounsell Holdings Ltd  ​​Rotokauri Farms NO.1 ​Rotokauri Farms NO.3 Statement of Evidence of Barnard​us Beaurain - Stormwater on behalf of Hounsell Holding Ltd, Rotokauri Farming No.1 & Rotokauri Farming No.3​ (477KB)
​Waikato District Council
Waikato Regional Council
​​Statement of Planning Evidence of Tim Wilson on behalf of Waikato Regional Council and Waikato District Council​ (836KB)​

Applicants Evidence

Statement of Evidence of Craig Sharman - Planning​ (36 MB)
Statement of Evidence of Sian France - Groundwater (314 ​KB)
Statement of Evidence of Nathan McKenzie - Geotechnical (3.71MB)
Statement of Evidence of Roger Seyb - Stormwater (11 MB)
Statement of Evidence of Sian Keith - Archaeology (1.08 MB)
Statement of Evidence of Dean Miller - Ecology (8.93 MB)
Statement of Evidence of Thomas Abbott - Urban Design (232 KB)
​Statement of Evidence of Benjamin Frost - Visual and Landscape​​​ (549 KB)

Section 42a Report

Section 42a Report (1.7MB)
Appendix A - Conditions (128 KB)
Appendix B - Summary of Submissions​ (149 KB)
Appendix C - Submissions in Full​ (9.9 MB)
Appendix D - Technical Specialist Report - Stormwater (2.7 MB)
Appendix E - Technical Specialist Report - Geotechnical Design (957 KB)
Appendix F - Technical Specialist Report - Landscape, Visual and Urban Design (1 MB)
Appendix G - Technical Specialist Report - Ecological Assessment (903 KB)
Appendix H - Technical Specialist Report - Contaminated Land (1.95 MB)
Appendix I - Technical Specialist Report - Archaeology​ (1.2 MB)

Relevant Links

Rotokauri ICMP
Hamilton City Council District Plan

Commissioner directions

Commissioner Direction 1​ - 25 November 2019
Commissioner Direction 2​ - 30 January 2020

Submissions received to Hamilton Ci​ty NOR​

Submissions received​ to Waikato District NOR

​​​Submission NumberName/Organisation
​19​Waikato Regional Council
​20​Central Waikato Drainage Sub-​Committee
​21​Rotokauri Development Ltd
​22Waikato District Council
​23​​Hounsell Holdings Ltd

Submission documents:

Locality Plan​ (1.8MB) - NB For clarity, the locality plan included in the mailout has been amended to differentiate the Notice of Requirement corridor from the proposed wetlands, which are outside of the NOR boundary.
NOR Corridor Boundary​ (4.73MB) 


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