This area includes parts of Chartwell centred on the shopping mall.

Why Chartwell?

  • Chartwell is a recognised community node and focal point for the wider region.  It offers a diverse range of retail, entertainment, and jobs and is close to parks and schools.
  • It is highly accessible through walking, cycling, frequent public transportation routes, key roading connections and the future Waikato Expressway.
  • It's a key part of the Eastern Pathways programme, which aims to create better walking, cycling and public transport connections for schools in the area.

What will it look like?

  • Our aim is to create an area that provides opportunities for walking, cycling and public transport, has a wider range of housing options while retaining a sense of identity and community.  The shopping mall, existing gully network, connected roading network and well-developed parks would remain as key features of the area.
  • There will be the option for increased building heights and density in the areas that are most accessible. For example, around the shopping mall the building heights and density could increase potentially up to six storeys and decrease gradually to around three storeys further out from the shopping centre.

Page reviewed: 30 Aug 2021 11:18am