Eastern Hamilton

This area includes parts of Claudelands and Hamilton East.

Why Eastern Hamilton?

  • It is located within walking distance of the Central City, which will be a significant catalyst for transforming the area.
  • A lot of urban intensification is already taking place here, particularly around the Hamilton East shops which is already a suburban centre.
  • One of our oldest neighbourhoods, it's known for its eclectic, nostalgic ambience, central location and genuine mix of commercial, residential and leisure activity, which makes for an attractive and vibrant area. With careful planning this can be reinforced as development happens.  

What will it look like?

  • There will be more opportunities for high quality mixed-use development (shops and offices on lower floors with apartments above) and growth of the business area on Grey Street.
  • Enhancing gullies and connections to the Waikato River, parks and reserves to form part of a green network that connects people and provides places to play.
  • Areas with heritage and historical character will be identified.
  • Properties closer to the central city, business, parks, schools and community activities are likely to have more dense development enabled compared to those further away. 

Page reviewed: 30 Aug 2021 11:17am