North of the Central City

​This area includes parts of Whitiora, Frankton, Maeroa and Beerescourt.

Why north of the Central City?

  • Only a 10-minute walk from the central city, this area is an attractive option to live as its close to work and entertainment options. It helps support a vibrant central city!
  • It supports a more efficient city that relies more on public transport, walking and cycling and has benefits for the environment. Most jobs in the city can be accessed from this location by a 20-minute bus ride.
  • It's supported by great open spaces nearby including the West Town Belt, Waitawhiriwhiri Gully and Waikato River. As well as facilities like FMG Stadium.

What will it look like in the future?

We're only just starting this work, so nothing is set in stone. However, here's what we might see:

  • Areas closer to the central city, Te Rapa Straight and Ulster Street could have greater heights and densities than those further away because of their location and transport connections.   
  • Increasing quality of walking, cycling and public transport to support these communities and give current and future residents more choice about how they get around the city.   
  • A greater range of housing options such as apartments, townhouses and duplexes.
  • The West Town Belt and the Waikato River would remain important features in this area.

Page reviewed: 30 Aug 2021 11:16am