Appendix 4 Special Character Zones

​​​​​Figure 4-1: Hamilton East, Dwelling Control Area and Pre-1940 Dwellings

Figure 4-2: Hayes Paddock
Plan shows the area forward of the rear building line for Hayes Paddock – original state houses

Figure 4-3: Hamilton East Villa Precinct

Figure 4-4: Frankton Railway Village

Figure 4-5: Temple View Comprehensive Development Precinct Plan Areas​

Note: This plan is diagrammatic only. The final position of the boundary between CDP area 1 and CDP area 2 will need to be defined as part of any consent process required under Volume 1, section 5.3.4​​.1 and Volume 2, section

Figure 4-6: Temple View Shafts and Temple Entrance

Figure 4-7:  Claudelands West, Dwelling Control Area and Pre-1939 Dwellings 

Figure 4-8
:  Lake Waiwhakareke Landscape Character Area CDP Area for ‘Lot 2 DP425316’


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