1.1.12 Monitoring

​​​​​Environmental monitoring can be described as “the deliberate act of observation or surveillance over time with a defined purpose”. The purpose of environmental monitoring is to collect enough information to detect and understand changes in the environment. The ‘environment’ relates to those matters which are identified as important in the context of the Council’s responsibilities under the Resource Management Act 1991 (the Act).

The Act requires Council to undertake monitoring on:

  • State of the environment
  • Plan effectiveness suitability
  • Compliance

There are a number of benefits for the Council in monitoring the environment of the City, these include:

​a) To understand the ‘state’ or condition of the environment, and to understand the reason for any change (decline or improvement in quality) in the state of environmental resources.​
b)​ To provide valuable and accurate information for decision making such as resource consent applications, planning and policy dec​​isions.​
c)​ To assess the effectiveness of the objectives, policies, rules and other methods in the District Plan at achieving specific environmental outcomes, and make changes to improve the effectiveness of the plan.​
d)​ To provide information suitable for community education to raise awareness of the state of the City’s environment, the effects of human activity on the environment and gain support for the methods employed by Council to manage resources.​

Council will develop a monitoring strategy that will:
​a) Support its functions and meets its responsibilities under the Act.​
b)​ Record the level and effectiveness of com​pliance under the District Plan over time.​
c)​ Assess the effectiveness of the District Plan in meeting its stated objectives and policies.​
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