1.1.4 Structure of Each Chapter

​​​​​​​The structure of each of the individual chapters of the District Plan is generally summarised as follows:

a) Purpose

This briefly describes the resource management matters addressed in the Chapter.

b) Objectives

The objectives set the direction Council has taken in response to the issues facing the City, and outline the outcomes that the District Plan seeks.

c) Policies

The policies define the course of action that the Council has adopted to achieve an objective.

d) Rules

A rule is a regulatory method to implement the policies. These are listed in the Activity Status Table and as General Standards and Specific Standards within each chapter. This includes links to other chapters with relevant rules.

e) Restricted Discretionary, Discretionary and Non-Complying Matters of Discretion and Assessment Criteria

This section lists Restricted Assessment activities, specifically identifying what matters discretion has been restricted to, relevant assessment criteria and whether the consent will be processed without the need for public notification or approval by affected persons. The reference headings cross-reference to matters and criteria contained in Appendix 1.3.3: District Plan Administration – Restricted Discretionary, Discretionary and Non-Complying Matters for Discretion and Assessment Criteria.

f) Other Resource Consent Information

This section cross-references to other parts of the District Plan containing relevant information for resource consent applications.

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