1.1.6 How to Use this District Plan

​​​​​​The District Plan can tell you whether a particular land use, subdivision or development requires resource consent to be obtained, and if so, which category of consent. This section tells you where to look in the District Plan to find out this information.

In determining if an activity is provided for by this District Plan users should undertake the following steps:

Step 1 – Confirm the zone that applies​
a)​ Begin with the Planning Maps. Locate your property on the zone maps, e.g. General Residential Zone, Industrial Zone, or Central City Zone.​
Step 2 – Confirm if any special site, feature, overlay or designation applies
​a) Use the maps to confirm whether your property has a special site, feature, overlay or designation on it, such as a scheduled heritage building, a notable tree, or a designation.​
Step 3 – Confirm the activity status​
a)​ Go to the relevant chapters for the zone that your property is located in and any site, feature, overlay or designation that applies, and for any general rules that apply. ​
b)​ Look down the list of activities in the Activity Status Table to find your activity. Every activity will be indicated as either a permitted, controlled, restricted discretionary, discretionary, or non-complying activity. If the activity is subject to a site, feature or overlay it may have a different activity status than in the zone Activity Status Table; the activity may also appear in a City wide chapter.  Where there are multiple relevant chapters, use the process to determine the activity status detailed in​
c)​ Read the general and specific standards that follow the table, before deciding the activity class, this may direct you to other chapters to check against other relevant rules. Section explains what activity class applies if an activity does not comply with a standard.​
d)​ If your activity is a permitted activity, you can proceed without obtaining resource consent provided you comply with any relevant standards.​
Existing Use Rights apply, see 1.1.3f)vi.
Step 4 – Apply for resource consent
a)​ If your activity is a controlled, restricted discretionary, discretionary or non-complying activity you will need to apply to Council for resource consent.​
b)​ If your activity is a controlled, restricted discretionary or discretionary activity, the District Plan provides guidance on the assessment criteria which will be applied. These will provide direction on matters to be covered in the resource consent. ​
c)​ Consideration is also given to the objectives and policies of the District Plan. ​
d)​ Applications for resource consents must be made in writing to the Council. Application forms and information brochures are available from Council or are available online. Fees are payable.​
e)​ Applications must be accompanied by an assessment of any actual or potential effects that the activity may have on the environment, together with any other information required by this District Plan and the Act. ​
f)​ Council recommends that applicants obtain professional advice before making an application. Council staff can assist by providing application forms and general advice on the requirements of the District Plan. Hamilton City Council also has information available online to assist in understanding this District Plan. ​
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