11.1 Purpose

​​​​​a) The Ruakura Industrial Park Zone is an important component of the overall development concept for Ruakura. Ruakura is strategically located and is of an appropriate scale to enable the development of a large, structure planned urban extension. The core to the development concept is the creation of an Inland Port (Sub Area A (Inland Port)) and a logistics hub (Sub Area B (Logistics)).
b) Key attributes of the three areas for the Ruakura Industrial Park Zone include its location adjoining strategic infrastructure, including the expressway, the Spine Road, the Inland Port, and key educational, research and innovation facilities and the co-locational benefits for businesses that are derived from these facilities. Its location means it also has an important role as a gateway into Hamilton.
There are three industrial park areas. One fronts onto Wairere Drive and the proposed Fifth Avenue extension (Fifth Avenue Industrial Park). The second is in the vicinity of the Silverdale area, south of the Waikato Expressway connection (Silverdale Industrial Park). The third is north of the Large Lot Residential Zone (Percival and Ryburn Roads) and bounded by the Waikato Expressway on the eastern side and will have access off the Spine Road in the vicinity of Fairview Downs.  
d) The industrial park concept will be achieved by requiring a high standard of design for all buildings, landscaping and buffer areas and restricting certain types of industrial activities. This includes requiring setbacks from sensitive land uses including a 40m setback from existing residential development to the south-east of the Structure Plan area, and by putting in place an Interface Design Control Area around the periphery of the zone.
e)​The provisions also seek to ensure that the Ruakura Industrial Park Zone is not occupied by land uses that are non-industrial, unless they are either ancillary to industrial use, support industrial uses, or are more appropriately located within an industrial environment than a business centre. This will reduce the potential for industrial land to be diluted by non-industrial uses, resulting in pressure for new industrial land to be zoned elsewhere, and for existing industrial land to be rezoned to commercial use.​
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