​​​​​11.2 Objectives and Policies: Ruakura Industrial Park Zone

​​​​​Objective Policies​
Industrial land uses, appropriate to the Industrial Park and surrounding environment, are able to establish and operate in an efficient and effective manner.​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Industrial activities and supportive activities and infrastructure shall be provided for, subject to the land allocation set out in the Table under 3.7h), and the provision of required infrastructure, including roading and Three Waters.
Noxious or offensive activities shall be avoided.
Non-industrial uses shall establish and operate only where they are ancillary and supportive to industrial activities.
Non-industrial uses shall not adversely affect the industrial use of the Ruakura Industrial Park Zone and shall avoid adverse effects on function, vitality and amenity of the central city and other centres.


The area has excellent accessibility to other areas of Hamilton and to infrastructure including the Waikato Expressway, the national rail network and the inland port. The key to success will be maximising the strategic and co-locational benefits of the land.

Some industrial activities are to be excluded from the Ruakura Industrial Park Zone. Activities to be excluded are heavy industries or noxious and offensive activities which would be more suited to a less sensitive industrial environment.

Within the Ruakura Industrial Park Zone activities that are non-industrial and that are provided for in other parts of the City should in general not be carried out within the zone. The District Plan sets as the key principle in this regard that industrial land should be preserved for industrial activities, but also includes provision for a range of non-industrial activities considered to be ancillary to industrial activity, that support industrial activities, or specific forms of commercial activity that are acceptable within industrial environments, and/or due to their characteristics are better located within an industrial environment.

​Objective Policies​
The creation of a high amenity industrial environment.
High amenity levels within the Ruakura Industrial Park Zone shall be developed through well designed buildings in the Interface Design Control Area, front yard requirements, setbacks from roads, Open Space Zones and residential areas, and through landscaping and screening.


The industrial park concept will be achieved by requiring a high standard of design for all buildings, landscaping and buffer areas and restricting certain types of industrial activities.

The Industrial Park Zone will enable a high amenity employment area. The purpose of this is to create a gateway to the City, a functional and attractive employment area, maintain an appropriate relationship with surrounding land uses and to contribute to raising amenity levels within the City generally.

​Objective Policies​
Adverse effects of industrial activities are avoided or mitigated. ​ ​ ​
The adverse effects of industrial activities shall be avoided or mitigated by:
​i.​Ensuring an appropriate location and type of development in accordance with Figure 2-14.
ii.Ensuring that development visible from residential and key transport corridors and open spaces meets appropriate bulk and location and design standards.
​iii.Imposing amenity controls to avoid vehicle access to industrial sites from Percival Road to ensure that the adverse effects of industrial activities on adjoining facilities or existing residential areas are avoided or mitigated.


Industrial activities can generate adverse amenity effects beyond the boundaries of the zone, such as noise, lighting and glare. These should not have an impact on residential and open space areas where expectations for amenity are far higher. Council has an obligation under the Act to ensure the objectives, policies and rules are met.

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