11.3 Rules - Activity Status Table

Land Development Activities (refer Rule 
​b)New buildings and developmentP
​c)New buildings and associated development (within an Interface Design Control Area)C*
​d)Industrial activities excluding activities (g) to (k) and hh) below​P
​e)Any activity requiring an air discharge consent under the Waikato Regional Plan within 100m of residential activities​RD
​f)Logistics and freight-handling activities​P
​g)Any noxious or offensive activity​NC
​h)Motor vehicle dismantling and repair​NC
​i)Recycling plants including the associated storage of metals, plastics, glass, electronic components or batteries prior to processing​NC
​j)Processes involving the flaring or incineration of trade wastes or refuse​NC
​k)The manufacture or blending of bulk products of fertiliser, animal feed, roading materials, gardening materials, concrete and aggregate​NC
l)Ancillary offices​P
m)Wholesale retail and trade suppliesRD*
n)Transportation service centreRD*
o)Drive-through servicesRD*
p)Commercial motor vehicle sales and servicingRD*
q)Yard-based retail other than as provided for as a permitted activity​NC
r)Food and beverage outlets and dairies not exceeding 250m2 gross floor area​P
s)Ancillary retail​P
t)Emergency service facilities​RD*
u)Passenger transport facilities​P
v)Transport depot​RD*
w)Parking lots and parking buildings​P
x)Accessory buildings​P
y)Minor works to an existing building​P
z)Alterations and additions to existing buildings (other than minor works) outside the Interface Design Control Area​P
aa)Alterations and additions to existing buildings (other than minor works) within an Interface Design Control Area​C*​
bb)Ancillary residential unit​RD*
cc)Childcare facilities​RD*
​dd)​Permitted activities which fail to meet the criteria Specific Standards in Rule 11.5 D
ee)​Any activity not complying with the Transportation Service Centre access standard in Rule 11.5.2 D
ff)Any permitted, controlled or restricted discretionary activity listed above generating 1500 or more vehicle movements per day​​​
​gg)The demolition and removal of existing buildings except heritage buildingsP​
​hh)The slaughter and processing of meat productsNC​
​ii)Any road connection that severs the landscape buffer area along Percival Road to the Ruakura Industrial Park Zone​NC
​ ​​ ​​​​​​All Activities and Structures
​jj)​Any activity not listed above​​NC

1. For activities and buildings in the Electricity National Grid Corridor see Chapter 25.7: City-wide - Network Utilities and the Electricity Nation​al Grid Corridor.

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