11.5 Rules - Specific Standards

​​​​​​​11.5.1 Ancillary Retail

​a) Ancillary retail activity shall n​​ot occupy more than 10% of the floor space of the principal industrial activity on the site.​

11.5.2 Transportation Service Centres

​a) Transportation Service Centres shall be provided with access directly from a State Highway or shall have frontage to a major arterial road.

11.5.3 Landscape Screening

a)A Buffer Area outlined in Appendix 2 Figure 2-14 Ruakura Structure Plan – Land Use (Appendix 2) and Appendix 17 Planning Maps shall be provided in accordance with the rule below.
b)The Buffer Area (as indicated in Figure 11.5.3a below) shall have been planted no later than the end of the 2030 planting season and is to include:
i.Retention of the existing plane trees (and planting of additional trees to fill the gaps) and replacement planting where necessary;

ii.On the boundary of Landscape Buffer Area (i.e. the furthest from Percival Road) a dense evergreen hedge to no less than 12m in height;
iii.A 15m setback consisting of an informal band of indigenous vegetation to provide understory planting between the hedge and the road boundary for the full length of Percival Road.

iv.A 10m building setback within the relevant Ruakura Industrial Park Zone from the edge of the 15m indigenous vegetation outlined in 11.5.3b) iii. above; ​


No vehicle access is to be provided to any site through the 15m landscaped width of the Buffer Area identified in b)ii and iii above and no car parking is permitted within this section of the buffer. Any departure of this rule c) is to be considered as a non-complying activity (see 11.3ii).
​d)Undertaking the planting required by this rule does not require consent for Land Development under rule however the landscaped area shall be included in the Land Development Plan for the adjoining area.

Figure 11.5.3a: Landscape Buffer Area ​





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