12.1 Purpose


​​​​​a) Industrial development in Te Rapa North has the potential to support regionally important infrastructure and industries. The existing Te Rapa Dairy Manufacturing Site and the proposed interchange at the junction of the Te Rapa and Ngaru​​awahia sections of the Waikato Expressway, provides opportunity for limited industrial activity to develop in an integrated, efficient and co-ordinated manner. An area identified as Stage 1A​​ on the ​Planning Maps has been identified for this purpose. Permitting unanticipated industrial development, either within or outside Stage 1A, other than on the Dairy Manufacturing Site​, would mean the inefficient provision of infrastructure.​

1. The area, with an exception for the Dairy Manufacturing Site​​ and the 30ha within Stage 1A as provided for, is covered by the provisions identified in Chapter 14 Future Urban Zone. This is because of the deferr​ed industrial status of the land and a future urban zoning being applicable for deferred industrial.

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