12.6 Rules - Specific Standards


​​​​​12.6.1 Te Rapa North Land Release Staging

A staged release of land for industrial development shall occur in accordance with the provision of appropriate infrastructure (including roading) and developed in accordance with an approved Concept Development Consent ​according to the following land releases occurring:

a) The release of land for industrial purposes shall be restricted to that which is provided for in Stage 1A and the Te Rapa Dairy Manufacturing Site​. The subdivision and development of land shall be restricted until further planning tools, such as structure planning, are implemented in the Deferred Industrial Area.​
b) Pre-2021 Land Release:

i)  A maximum of 7ha of Stage 1A. 

ii) A maximum total of 30ha inclusive of the 7ha pe​r stage provided for in 12.6.1b)i) above.
c)​Post-2021 Land Release:

i) A maximum of 23ha in Stage 1A, in addition to the 7ha provided for in 12.6.1b)i) above.
d) The Te Rapa Dairy Manufacturing Site​​ land area, as identified on the Planni​ng Map is not affected by the land release provisions set out above.​

12.6.2 Ancillary Offices 

​a) Ancillary offic​​e activity shall not occupy more than 10% of the floor space of the principal industrial activity on the site.​
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