13.5 Rules - Activities Proposed after the Implementation of a Comprehensive Development Plan

​​a) All development in an area that is subject to an approved CDP consent is permitted, but it must comply with the terms of that consent. Changes to the conditions of a CDP consent will be considered as a discretionary activity under section 127 of the Act, except where the proposed changes involve materially different effects or extend the scope of the original application. In these instances a new CDP consent is required (refer to 13.5(b)).​
b)​ For an approved CDP that has been implemented any changes in use, or changes that involve materially different effects or extend the scope of the original application will require a new CDP consent. The new CDP will be assessed as a discretionary activity, unless otherwise stated (refer to Rule 13.7). There are some changes that can occur as permitted activities without the need for a new CDP consent. These activities are subject to compliance with the relevant standards in Rule 13.8, and are as follows.​
i.​ Maintenance, repair and minor alterations to existing buildings (except heritage buildings in Volume 2, Appendix 8, Schedule 8A: Built Heritage).​
ii.​ Informal recreation and ancillary buildings.​
iii.​ Passenger transport facilities.​
c)​ After a CDP has been fully implemented and after all activities authorised by that consent have been fully operational for at least six months Rule 13.7 and Rule 13.8 shall apply.​
Page reviewed: 11 Mar 2016 9:08am