16.2 Objectives and Policies: Community Facilities Zone

​​​​​Objective Policies​
Ongoing operation and development of accessible community facilities.​ ​
Subdivision, use and development shall provide community facilities and serv​​ices that support the social wellbeing of the community.​
Retailing, office and industrial activities shall not take place, except small-scale activities ancillary to a community facility.​


The primary purpose of the Community Facilities Zone is to ensure the accessibility of community facilities within existing neighbourhoods. The facilities covered by the Community Facilities Zone already play an important role in the social and community framework of Hamilton. It is a role that is not adequately catered for in the other zones.

​Obj​​ective Policies​
Activities have minimal adverse environmental effects.​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Adverse visual impacts of buildings shall be minimised through building and landscape design, including by:​
i.​ Building setback and separation.
ii.​ Height control, outdoor space, planting and landscaping.
iii.​ Building design that contributes to the streetscape.
iv.​ Development scaled appropriately for the locality and site, considering the site area, shape, frontage, topography and existing development.
v.​ Providing adequate on-site parking and servicing areas.
vi.​ Allowing passive surveillance between the public and private realm.​
Adverse effects of activities on the amenity values of the locality shall be minimised.
Hours of operation shall be compatible with activities in the locality.​


Community facilities are predominantly surrounded by the Residential and Special Character Zones. Non-residential activities can undermine the quality of residential areas. Control is exercised to mitigate the adverse effects of community facilities on surrounding areas.

Buildings that interface with a public area such as the Open Space Zone or the Transport Corridor Zone require greater control in terms of building design, site layout and landscaping. Bulk and location standards are appropriate to control the interface with other zones. 

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