16.6 Restricted Discretionary Activities: Matters of Discretion and Assessment Criteria

This section is subject to the following plan change- Proposed Plan Change 6- Regulatory Efficiency and Effectiveness Plan Change
​​​​​​​a) In determining any application for resource consent for a restricted discretionary activity, Council shall have regard to th​​e matters referenced below, to which Council has restricted the exercise of its discretion.​ Assessment Criteria within Volume 2, Appendix 1.3 provide for assessment of applications as will any relevant objectives and policies. In addition, when considering any Restricted Discretionary Activity located within the Natural Open Space Zone, Waikato Riverbank and Gully Hazard Area, or Significant Natural Area, Council will also restrict its discretion to Waikato River Corridor or Gully System Matters (see the objectives and policies of Chapter 21:  Waikato River Corridor and Gully Systems).

Activit​y Specific​ Matter of Discretion and Assessment Criteria Reference Number
(Refer to Volume 2, Appendix 1.3)​
i.​ New buildings and relocated buildings (excluding accessory buildings) *​ • B – Design and Layout
• C – Character and Amenity
ii. Schools​ • B – Design and Layout
• C – Character and Amenity
​iii.​Emergency service facilities​• B – Design and Layout
• C – Character and Amenity
• F – Hazards and Safety


1. Refer to Chapter 1.1.9 for activities marked with an asterisk (*)

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