21.1 Purpose

​​​​​a) The Waikato-Tainui Raupatu Claims (Waikato River) Settlement Act 2010 establishes Te Ture Whaimana o Te Awa o Waikato – the Vision and Strategy for the Waikato River – as the primary direction-setting document for the management of the river (refer to Volume 2, Appendix 10). The Vision and Strategy forms part of the Regi​​onal Policy Statement. This chapter provides a mechanism for giving effect to the Vision and Strategy. ​
b) ​The Waikato River is an outstanding natural feature within the Waikato Region. Additionally, the Waikato River and gully systems form the most prominent landscape feature within Hamilton. These areas have economic, transport, recreational, ecological, amenity, landscape and cultural values. This chapter recognises that these values come together to contribute to the significance of the Waikato River corridor and gully systems. These values are collectively managed through a variety of approaches.
c) ​Management approaches that apply within the Waikato River corridor and gully systems are: significant natural areas (Chapter 20: Natural Environments); scheduled archaeological and cultural sites (Chapter 19: Historic Heritage); and natural hazard areas (Chapter 22: Natural Hazards). Where land is in public ownership the underlying zone is Open Space, while for areas that are in private ownership the underlying zone varies. Together the various management approaches address the values associated with the Waikato River corridor and gully systems.
d) ​The objectives and policies are achieved through various management approaches throughout the District Plan, so there are no rules contained within this chapter. The following objectives and policies must be read in conjunction with the relevant objectives and policies from other chapters. It should also be acknowledged that there are a number of non-District Plan methods that can be implemented with regard to the river corridor and gully areas (refer to Volume 2, Appendix 1, Section 1.5: Other Methods of Implementation).
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