24.1 Purpose

​​​a)​Section 108 of the Act empowers a council to impose financial contributions on resource consents, in accordance with the purposes specified in a District Plan.
​b)​Financial contributions may be imposed for the purpose of promoting the sustainable management of natural and physical resources.
​c)All provisions under the Act are subject to Part 2 and therefore financial contributions must be for the purpose of:
​i.​Enabling people and communities to provide for their health, safety and economic, social and cultural wellbeing.
​ii.​Sustaining the potential of resources to meet the reasonably foreseeable needs of future generations.
​iii.​Maintaining the life-supporting capacity of air, water, soil and ecosystems.
​iv.​Avoiding, remedying and mitigating adverse effects of activities on the natural and physical environment.
​d)​​In general terms, financial contributions are required to recoup the proportioned cost of the provision of infrastructure and/or to offset adverse effects of development that cannot be otherwise avoided, remedied or mitigated.
​e)​The general circumstances in which financial contributions are required include:
​i.​To address the statutory exemption of the Crown from the provisions of the Local Government Act 2002 by taking financial contributions for subdivision and/or development undertaken by the Crown.
​ii.​To enable the ongoing collection of, and potential review of, existing consent conditions that require a financial contribution.
​iii.​To take financial contributions for reserves, other than esplanade reserves.
​iv.​To offset the adverse effects of subdivision and development on infrastructure not otherwise addressed by Council’s Development Contributions Policy under the Local Government Act 2002.
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