24.2 Objectives and Policies: Financial Contributions

​​​​​​​Objective Policies​
Subdivision, use and development contributes equitably towards the costs of avoiding, remedying or mitiga​​ting adverse effects of use, subdivision and development.
Financial contributions shall be applied in a fair and equitable manner that:
​i.​Is financially transparent.
​ii.​Complements Council’s other financial management policies.
​iii.​Takes into account Council’s maintenance and operational obligations.
​iv.​Takes into account any costs incurred in taking, holding and allocating the financial contribution.
Activities shall:
​i. Contribute to the costs of infrastructure to the extent warranted by the effects they generate.
​ii.​Provide for land to be set aside and developed as reserves in conjunction with the subdivision, use and development of land to address the community’s recreational needs where required.
​iii.​Ensure positive effects on the environment are achieved to offset any adverse effects that cannot be otherwise avoided, remedied or mitigated. This may include river and gully restoration, requiring land to be set aside and developed as reserves to provide amenity and protect environmental, historical and cultural values of the area.


Financial contributions are a key method for managing the impacts on the environment arising from subdivision, use and development of land. Any financial contributions regime needs to recognise the different demands made on public utility services by different activities and be clear and consistent in its application.  

Financial contributions are to be applied in a fair and reasonable manner. A financial contribution cannot be levied if Council has imposed a development contribution under the Local Government Act 2002 in respect of the same development for the same purpose, or the developer will fund or otherwise provide for the same reserve, network infrastructure, or Council has received or will receive funding from another source.

Where a developer wishes to pursue development ahead of Council’s programmes identified in its Long Term Plan or Annual Plan a Development Agreement will need to be entered into with Council to ensure infrastructure is provided in a way which is efficient and sustainable from a city-wide perspective. In such circumstances any financial contributions required may be considered as part of that Development Agreement.

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