25.10.1 Purpose

​​​​a)​ Signs and other outdoor advertising displays are important for communicating information to the public. In particular they provide directions, identify premises, assist businesses in selling goods and services, and promote events and activities.​
b)​ The quality and location of signs have the potential to contribute positively to an area but also have the potential to cr​​eate adverse visual effects, particularly in areas where high amenity levels are expected. The location of signs, particularly on or adjacent to transport corridors, also has the potential to adversely affect traffic safety. The District Plan controls signs to preserve accepted levels of amenity and safety. In particular, the District Plan controls high-intensity signs in all zones, signs on historic heritage buildings and sites, and provides more permissive standards in the Central City, Business, Industrial, Ruakura Logistics and Ruakura Industrial Park Zones such as enabling signs that do not relate to the on-site activity.​
Page reviewed: 17 Mar 2016 3:23pm