25.10.2 Objectives and Policies: Signs

​​​​​Objective Policies​
Provide for signs which contribute positively to an area and do not compromise visual amenity and transport safety. ​
​ ​ ​ ​ ​
The number, size, location and appearance of signs visible from public places shall maintain the character of the area.​
Signs shall not creat​e adverse effects from illumination, light spill, flashing or reflection.​
Messages or images on signs visible from transport corridors shall not confuse or distract transport corridor users.​
Signs in the Central City Zone that contribute to an attractive and vibrant centre should be allowed.​
Signs on scheduled historic heritage buildings and sites and archaeological and cultural sites shall be compatible with the heritage values being protected.​
Signs shall be well maintained to minimise impacts on visual amenity values.​


Signs have the potential to create adverse effects, particularly in areas where high visual amenity standards are expected. Inappropriate signs can detract from the character and values associated with an area, as well as impacting on traffic safety. The objective and policies address the potential adverse effects of signs on traffic safety, visual amenity, light spill, character and scheduled heritage buildings.

Signs can contribute positively to a sense of vibrancy and the policies recognise the need to enable signs, particularly in the Central City Zone, where this District Plan is encouraging a vibrant Centre.

The City has many events that require temporary signs and off-site advertising for promotional reasons. These requirements need to be managed so that the adverse visual effects created are minimised and experienced only for a short period. The policies also address impacts from a lack of maintenance when signs age, or are damaged or vandalised.

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