25.10.3 Rules - Activity Status Table

This section is subject to the following plan change- Propose​d Plan Change 6- Regulatory Efficiency and Effectiveness Plan Chang​e​

c) Any low-intensity sign which is not visi​​ble from beyond the site on which it is located
d) Traffic control devices and signs erected by a public authority
e) Safety signs required to meet legislative requirements
f) Low-intensity signs on historic heritage buildings in Volume 2, Appendix 8, Schedule 8A and archaeological and cultural sites in Volume 2, Appendix 8, Schedule 8B (except within the Major Facilities Zone – Waikato Hospital Campus)
g) High-intensity signs other than those in Rule 25.10.3h)
Note: This includes any sign provided f​or in h) below which fails to comply with Rule 25.10.4 and Rule 25.10.5
​h) Any electronic sign in the Central City, Business 1-7 Zones, Industrial Zone, Ruakura Logistics Zone and Ruakura Industrial Park Zone which complies with Rule 25.10.4 and Rule 25.10.5​RD


1. The erection of signs on Hamilton City Council land and public places is controlled under a bylaw for public places. Information on the size and format of traffic signs is set out in the Hamilton City Infrastructure Technical Specifications. Signs on state highways are controlled under the New Zealand Transport Agency’s ‘Manual of Traffic Signs’ and ‘Markings and Traffic Control Devices Manual’.
2. Activities (a) to (e) and (g) only have immediate legal effect if the​y are located in the Special Heritage Zone or the Temple View Heritage Area, as shown on Planning Map 60B.
3. Refer to Chapter 1.1.9 for activities marked with an asterisk (*).
4. For any activity not identified above see Section
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