25.11.2 Objectives and Policies: Smoke, Fumes, Odour and Dust

​​​Objective Policies​
Avoid adverse effects on local amenity values and peo​​ple’s wellbeing arising from smoke, fumes, odour and dust. ​ ​
Adverse effects of offensive or objectionable smoke, fumes, odour or dust, shall be avoided outside the site from where they originate.
Activities sensitive to smoke, fumes, odour or dust shall not locate where amenity values are already compromised by those effects.​
Activities that pose significant risks of major adverse effects on air quality shall not locate where high air quality is expected.​


Impacts on amenity values from smoke, fumes, odour or dust can arise from a variety of land uses. They often cannot be contained within the site from where they originate, and some dispersal across the boundaries is inevitable and usually acceptable. There is often a subjective element in the way these effects are perceived. Policy addresses smoke, fumes, odour or dust that is offensive or objectionable outside the originating site. What is offensive or objectionable will vary according to the cha​racteristics of the area. Only very low levels of smoke, fumes, odour or dust will be acceptable in residential areas, while higher levels may be acceptable in industrial areas.

Policies and envisage that activities with similar effects or expectation of amenity should be grouped together, and those with dissimilar effects and expectations should be kept apart. This will help to reduce conflicts and the potential for reverse sensitivity, and to mitigate effects that cannot be contained on-site.

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