25.12.1 Purpose

​​​​​a) Solid waste includes domestic and commercial rubbish and more broadly means any materials left over from an activity or process that are no longer viable. Council manages many aspects of solid waste through the Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (prepared by Council to give effect to the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 and the Litter Act 1979) and through a bylaw prepared under the Local Government Act.​
b)​ Under the Act and Waste Minimisation Act, waste is a resource to be sustainably managed, and the effects of the creation, collection, recycling, recovery, storage, treatment and disposal of solid waste may be controlled by District Plans. This District Plan policy clearly signals that sustainable solid waste principles should apply to waste disposal.​
c)​ This District Plan requires the provision of service areas in developments to encourage appropriate solid waste disposal, and facilities that encourage the management of waste in accordance with the solid waste hierarchy, i.e. recycling before disposal.​
Page reviewed: 17 Mar 2016 3:30pm