25.3.3 Rules - Activity Status Table

​​​​Activity Class​
a)​ Events​ P​
b)​ Events or activities associated with events on the Waikato River or Lake Rotoroa (Lake Hamilton) – motorised or non-motorised​ P​
​c)​Events or activities associated with events on Lake Rotokaeo (Forest Lake) or Lake Waiwhakareke (Horseshoe Lake) – motorised or non-motorised​NC
Temporary Activities
d)​ Hot-air balloon launching​ P​
e)​ Pyrotechnic displays​ P​
f)​ Temporary activities in a public place​ P​
g)​ Temporary buildings and structures ancillary to a permitted event or permitted activity in an Open Space Zone​ P​
h)​ Temporary buildings and structures incidental to a building or construction project​ P​
i)​ Large projection and TV screens​ P​
j)​ Temporary landing/takeoff points for helicopters​ P​
k)​ Temporary retail​ P​

1. Refer to the Hamilton City Public Places Bylaw and Hamilton City Public Places Policy for other restrictions to activities in a public place.
2. Refer to the Council policy on Pyrotechnic Displays on Council-Administered Reserves.
3. Events may be required to obtain other approvals outside those required by the District Plan, e.g. temporary road closures. These approvals may be subject to timeframes of up to 60 working days.
4. Refer to Waikato Regional Council Navigation Safety Bylaw.
5. For any activity not identified above, see Section

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