25.7.1 Purpose

​​​​​​a) Network utilities are services and facilities such as Three Waters systems, telecommunications, radio communications, electricity and gas networks. (For roads see Chapter 25.14: City-wide – Transportation.) Network utilities are provided by public and private organisations.​
b)​ The succe​​ssful functioning of the City depends on network utilities. It is therefore vital that construction, maintenance and operation of these services and facilities be effectively provided for in the District Plan.​
c)​ While the core function of a network utility (e.g. water supply or tele-communications) will have overall positive effects, some may incidentally have adverse effects, for example from noise, odour or visual effects. Amenity values, landscape character, streetscape, heritage values, and public health and safety are all issues managed by the District Plan, while still allowing network utilities to function efficiently.​
d)​ The provisions in this chapter apply to network utilities in all zones. The underlying zone objectives, policies and rules do not apply unless specifically referred to. City-wide rules such as those related to noise, dust, lighting and hazardous substances will still apply.​
e)​ The provisions relating to the Electricity National Grid Corridor in this chapter apply to all development and activities within the Electricity National Grid Corridor. The underlying zone objectives, policies, rules, city-wide rules and subdivision rules still apply.​
f)​ District Plan rules do not cover all network utilities activities. Network utilities may be exempt from rules because they operate under designations (see Chapter 26: Designations) or national environmental standards. In addition, national policy statements (such as the National Policy Statement on Electricity Transmission) or special legislation may affect the scope and administration of the District Plan.​
​g)Amateur Radio is provided for within the Network Utilities section, even though it is not a Network Utility by definition. Amateur Radio is important to ensure emergency management and international communications can be maintained and provided for.
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