25.8.1 Purpose

​a)Noise and vibration can have an adverse effect on ​amenity values, adversely affecting people's health, interfering with communication and disturbing sleep and concentration. Under the Act, noise includes vibration, so the objectives and policies on noise cover vibration as well, unless the context requires otherwise.
b)​ District Plan standards for noise are important in determining when resource consents will be required for land uses and the assessment of applications. The District Plan provisions are subject to Section 16 of the Act, which requires everyone carrying out activities to adopt the best practicable option to ensure that noise does not exceed a reasonable level. ​
c)​ The duty to adopt the best practicable option is not always avoided by compliance with a District Plan rule on noise. Noise may be deemed to be unreasonable even though the District Plan does not require resource consent. Enforcement action for unreasonable noise will usually be based on the noise enforcement provisions of the Act, but may be based on exceeding the District Plan standards.​
Page reviewed: 17 Mar 2016 3:16pm