Chapter 25.9 Public Art

​​25.9.1  Purpose

a) Public art provides an opportunity to create a sense of place, and to add to an aesthetically attractive and vibrant City. The District Plan can contribute to the inclusion of public art in public places through bulk and location standards and incentives. It is noted that questions of artistic style or taste are not​​ addressed in the District Plan. Furthermore, art in public places will require approvals outside of processes of the Act.​

25.9.2  Objectives and Policies: Public Art

Increased provision of art throughout the City that is reflective of the character and diversity of the Hamilton community.​ ​ ​
Public art shall be encouraged in public places and on private land that is easily visible from public places and that has relevance to the site, history, the environment, or has cultural significance.​
Public art shall be encouraged in the Central City and at Hamilton’s gateways.​
Public art shall be compatible with the amenity of the existing locality.​
Access to arts and cultural activities that acknowledge the differences in the community across age, ability and culture shall be provided for.​
The location of public art does not affect the safety or efficiency or the transportation network.


The District Plan can facilitate and encourage public art in the City, while managing potential effects of artwork structures. The District Plan can also provide for arts and cultural activities and facilities. The District Plan relies upon approval processes that occur outside the Act to endorse the location and form of public art.

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