26.2 Use of Designated Land

​​​a) Unless a longer period has been specifically identified, designations for works that have not been given effect to lapse after five years.​
b)​ Works within a designation require an Outline Plan to be submitted to Council in accordance with section 176A of the Act before construction begins.​
c)​ Council may waive the requirement for an Outline Plan in the following circumstances.​
i.​ Where a plan has been received, and any additional work is clearly of a minor scale and ancillary to the designated work.​
ii.​ Where there is no completed work, or where no Outline Plan has been received, a waiver may be granted where:​
1. The work achieves compliance with all relevant rules in Chapter 25: City-wide.​
The work is not​​​ within a: 
  • High Flood Hazard Area
  • Medium Flood Hazard Area
  • Low Flood Hazard Area
  • Temple View Flood Hazard Area
  • Culvert Block Flood Hazard Area
  • Waikato Riverbank and Gully Hazard Area​
3.​ The work does not affect any Historic Heritage Site in schedules 8A or 8B of Volume 2, Appendix 8, any site within the Special Heritage Zone or any Significant Natural Area or Significant Tree in schedules 9C or 9D of Volume 2, Appendix 9.​
4.​ The work is not within 10m of any site zoned Residential, Special Character, Future Urban or Natural Open Space Zone.​
5.​ The planned structure is less than 5m in height and has a gross floor area no greater than 100m2.​
6. The work does not require physical access to a major arterial transport corridor.
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